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January 07, 2023    Political Note #531  Supplement to #529 and #530 District 08


Captivated by the House Republicans inability to elect a Speaker, I inadvertently sent two Political Notes on January 4.

There were consequences to the inadvertent messages.

  1. I had intended to express my appreciation for Robert Hubbell’s Today’s Edition comments about Len’s Political Notes particularly in response to Political Note #528 supporting Janet Protasiewicz’s candidacy for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  2. The Today’s Edition comments led to some additional readers, readers who could look with a fresh eye at what I have written.  I need to make some corrections.
    1. The correct spelling for the city in Wisconsin is Waukesha
    2. The correct first name for the great basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks is Giannis (It is conceivable I am the only person to have spelled his surname correctly and gotten his first name wrong.)
    3. The correct link for those who wish to support Janet Protasiewicz’s candidacy for the Wisconsin Supreme Court the correct link is
    4. The correct spelling for the playwright is William Shakespeare

In a few days, I will have a new piece.  Today, I want to remind you of several upcoming elections, reminders that belonged in the proper January 4 Political Note.


Candidates to help

Virginia Special Elections

January 10th

Aaron Rouse, a Virginia Beach City Councilman and former safety for the Virginia Tech Hokies in college and, the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL is running in a special election for the 7th District of the Virginia State Senate Seat against retired Navy Lt. Commander Kevin Adams.   Aaron Rouse’s victory would increase the State Senate’s Democratic majority to 22- 18.  Should Aaron Rouse lose, the State Senate would continue to have a 21 -19 Democratic majority.

There are complications.

One State Senate Democrat, Joe Morrisey of the 16th District, is anti-abortion.

            With Kiggans about to be sworn in to Congress, the State Senate is

            Democrats     21-18              Pro-choice     20-19

            If Rouse wins

            Democrats     22-18              Pro-choice     21-19

            If Rouse loses

            Democrats     21-19              Pro-choice     20-20

Another election looms.  Jennifer McClellan of the 9th  Senate District defeated Joe Morissey for the Democratic nomination for the open Fourth Congressional District.  She is the favorite to defeat Pastor and Navy veteran.  If Rouse loses, when McClellan leaves the Senate to joint Congress after the February 21st special election, the State Senate configuration would be.

            Democrats     20-19              Pro-choice     19-20

A special election would change the configuration above, but Governor Younkin will be in no hurry to call a special election.   The Governor is anti-abortion.  The House has a Republican majority.  The governor is poised to push for anti-abortion legislation.

Help Aaron Rouse win.  Even with a very few days left, send him a donation.  See Len’s Political Note #524

January 10th

Jade Harris, Vice Mayor of Glasgow, is the Democratic nominee for District 24 of the Virginia House of Delegates – one of two open seats in the House.  The House of Delegates, with these two vacancies, is 51-47 Republican.  Jade Harris, an ambitious 25 year old is running against Ellen Campbell, Ronnie Campbell’s widow.  Ronnie Campbell’s death on December 13th created this vacancy.  Jade Harris is eager to work on Virginia’s portion of the federal infrastructure law.  Ellen Campbell is looking to extend her husband’s legacy as a MAGA Republican.  Help Jade Harris flip this district.  A Democratic victory is not out of the question.  See Len’s Political Note #529

Holly Seibold is a former State Department employee, former teacher, a consultant on teacher STEM subjects, and head of a non-profit that works to provide women and girls with menstrual products.  She is the nominee for and favorite to win the open Democratic District 35 seat of the Virginia House of Delegates.  Her opponent is Monique Baroudi, a Board member of Divine Mercy Care an antiabortion organization which targets pregnant women.

Help Holly Seibold in her campaign.  If she and Jade Harris both win, Democrats will move the House of Delegates to 51-49 Republican instead of 52-48.

February 21st


Jennifer McClellan is running to replace the only current vacancy in the US Congress – Virginia’s Four Congressional District. A state senator representing the 9th Senate district, she is the child of a civil rights activist and a university professor. She ran Terry’s McAuliffe’s transition team when he was elected governor in 2013, is vice chair of the Virginia Democratic Party and of the legislature’s Black Caucus.  She is the favorite to defeat Pastor and Navy veteran Leon Benjamin, Sr.   See Len’s Political Note #527.

February 21st. and April 4th


Circuit Court Judge Janet Protasiewicz is running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  This election has been described as the most important election of 2023. It is important because Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is currently 4-3 Republican.  One of the Republican Justices is retiring.  The winner of the election will be crucial for decisions on issues that include abortion and redistricting. Flipping the Wisconsin Supreme Court to 4-3 Democratic could transform politics and the lives of women in that state.

A non-partisan primary for the Open Supreme Court position will be held on February 21st. Four candidates are running – 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans.  Turnout is important. There is a danger that the two Republicans would be the top vote getters.  The way to combat that danger is to organize support for one candidate, the strongest candidate, the one most likely to win the election.

Judge Janet Protasiewicz is the stronger Democratic candidate.  An Assistant District Attorney for most of her career, she described the judicial system and American democracy as being under attack by radical partisanship.  Predictability that grows from reliance on precedent is, she says, the virtue of American law.  A court that abandons a previously accepted right to privacy is abandoning both precedent and predictability.

Help  Judge Janet Protasiewicz be one of the top two candidates in the February 21st primary.  Help her again to win the election on April 4thSee Len’s Political Note #528

February 21st. and April 4th


Jodi Habush Sinykin is the Democratic candidate for District 08 of the Wisconsin State Senate.  She has no primary opposition, while four Republicans are in the February 21st primary.  Unlike the Supreme Court case, this is a conventional party primary.  We know that Jodi Sinykin will be the Democratic candidate for special election on April 4th.  We do not know, however, whether or not she will win on April 4th.

Because of the gerrymandering the US Supreme Court allows and the Wisconsin Supreme Court has not prevented, the State Senate in this state that is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats has a 2:1 majority.  Prior to the November election, the 33 seat state senate had 12 Democrats and 21 Republicans; just enough Democrats to prevent a successful override vote in the Senate.  In November, Republicans flipped a seat, giving the Republicans a 22-11 majority – two-thirds.

A Jodi Habush Sinykin victory on April 4th would restore the Democrats to 12 seats.  She is a well known conservationist attorney and can compete effectively against whichever candidate the Republicans choose on February 21st.  Joe Biden carried the district in 2022 by 167 votes.  Donate to support her election.  Help Jodi Habush Sinykin win by more than 167 votes.  See Len’s Political Note #530