The Republican Convention

If the Republican convention had an ordinary purpose, it could have ended after Monday night,  their first night.  They nominated their candidates for President and Vice President. They did that early to give themselves a week to file the paper work by September 1 -- the first state deadline for filing their presidential candidate and electors.  The Republican ticket will not carry Delaware anyhow, but it would be embarrassing to miss that deadline. In a normal convention, the Republicans would need a little time for the platform.  They didn’t bother for 2020.  They just adopted the 2016 platform.  Got that…

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South Asian Politicos

With a population of slightly more than 6 million South Asians are slightly less than 2% of Americans.  With four Members of Congress and a Senator (half a Senator?), South Asians are now 1% of Congress.

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Modern Medicine

Moderna’s approach to developing a vaccine, it turns out, is unusual.  The insert synthetic message RNA into living cells and reprogram the cells to develop immune responses.

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