Marching was not enough. The antidote to the election of Donald Trump is the election of Democrats. In the US House and Senate. Governors. State legislators. Judges. A new President in 2020.

Len Lubinsky’s weapon of choice was his laptop. He starting writing to encourage friends to give money to Democratic candidates.

February 7, 2017. He began. He wrote to a few friends and relatives. A special election for control of the Delaware State Senate’s tenth district would decide whether Republicans or Democrats would control the Senate. He urged friends to send Democrat Stephanie Hansen some money to support her election.

He is still writing Notes to friends and relatives, friends of friends and relatives, acquaintances, people who have asked to be on the mailing list. He has added Letters that are a little like essays. Len’s Notes and Letters remains true to the original purpose. Len urges people to provide financial support to Democratic candidates. Candidates for whom additional resources could make the difference between winning and losing.

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