2017 | Special Election | Elected 58-41

If is hard to know what to do to combat the political direction the country has taken. I’ve marched a little. I’ve posted on Facebook. I’ve answered people on Facebook, on the Daily Kos, and a conservative blog that I get. But the real task is to win the country back, not just emotionally, but through the ballot box.

Toward that end, I’ve been watching special elections, elections scheduled for 2017, and elections scheduled for 2018. President Trump and Republican politicians who seem unable to do anything but follow him are dangerous. We need to focus on these upcoming elections.

I will try to write once in a while about an election that seems important. I will urge you to provide support a candidate if you feel you can. I’ve selected about sixty people from one of my email lists — people who I think will respond to what I write or, at least, won’t be offended. I’m not technically sophisticated enough to create a drop out button, so if you would rather not get these emails, just reply and tell me. If there is anyone you think should get these notes, let me know as well.

My First election of interest.

On February 25, there will be an election in District 10 of the Delaware State Senate. Delaware has a Democratic governor and a majority of the Delaware General Assembly. It would have a majority (with the Lt. Governor voting) except that the Senator from District 10 was elected to be the Lt. Governor and had to resign her seat. To retain a majority in the Delaware Senate, the Democrats have to win the election in District 10.

The Democratic candidate for this position is Stephanie Hansen. Her special interests have been the environment and small businesses. She worked as an attorney to convert former industrial properties into environmental sites or small commercial businesses. She has served as president of the New Castle County Council and founded and led a civic organization.

Check out Stephanie Hansen’s campaign website: http://www.hansenforsenate.org/ Consider giving her a donation which can be done via the website. Remember, the election is February 25.

Her Republican opponent argues for making Delaware more welcoming to business.

So there is my first recommendation. Remember, if you would like me to take you off this list, tell me. If you liked this, you can tell me that as well. If there are candidates or office holders you want to recommend to me, tell me that as well.

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