2017       Special Election    Lost 60 – 40

Connecticut has a special election on February 28 with similar consequences to the Delaware election I wrote about previously. As with Delaware, there is a Democratic governor, a Democratic majority in the House, and a tie in the Senate with the Democratic Lt. Governor making the difference.   In Connecticut the Democratic hold on the State Senate is less precarious.  Republicans need to win both Senate seats to take control of that House.   There is also a House seat up for consideration — a seat previously held by a Democrat.Connecticut State SenateThe Connecticut State Senate was tied 17-17.  There have been two resignations — one from  Democratic held seat CT-2 and another from Republican held seat CT-32.

Connecticut House of Representatives

Democrats had a 78-72 majority.    Currently, there is a vacancy in House District 115 that was previously held by a Democrat.

Consider supporting the Democratic Senate candidate, Greg Cavarunning for the seat that was vacated by a Republican.  A victory here (assuming the other Democratic candidate wins) would mean the Senate does not have to rely on votes by the Lt. Governor to maintain control. 

The Republican predecessor for Senate CT-32 resigned to join a legislature audit groupThe Democratic candidate is:Greg Cava, a 58 year old attorney and school board member who is taking a second shot at Representing CT-32 in the CT senate. He is from Roxbury, CT and has focused on zoning and land use law in his practice.  Southbury and Watertown are the big towns in this ten town district.  You can learn more about Greg Cava at his website: http://cava17.com/  His opponent is a State Representative and a health care marketer.


The Democratic predecessor for Senate CT-2 resigned in connection with a judicial appointmentThe Democratic candidate is:State Representative Douglas McCrory, a teacher and vice principal, he is from Hartford and is the House Deputy Majority Leader.  The district covers the North End of Hartford and most of Windsor and Bloomfield.  He does not appear to have a campaign website.  His opponent is a security company executive.


The Democratic predecessor for House District 115 resigned to take a position on the CT parole Board. It would also make life less precarious if the Democrats retain control of House District 115.  The Democratic Candidate is:Dorinda Keenan Borer, Vice President of United Health Care and school board member   She does not appear to have a web site.  Her Republican opponent is an oil company executive. 

Greg Cava could particularly use support in this effort to make Connecticut a less precariously Democratic state.