Political Note #505 California’s Election

Democrats may dominate in California, but Democratic Congressional candidates in California who get help can change the country.

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Political Note #231   Heather French Henry KY Secretary of State

Heather French Henry has had a twenty year commitment to veterans. So she has. Her father was a marine. He was disabled in Vietnam. Concern for veterans was her theme as Miss America. She took it seriously. The late Senator Paul Wellstone and the late Congressman Lane efforts honored her efforts to support homeless veterans by naming their proposal the Heather French Henry Homeless Veterans Assistance Act. If Paul Wellstone could take Heather French Henry, you can too

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Continued Criticism, Part 3

Shmuley Tobeach claimed that Alexadria Ocasio-Cortez trivialized the Holocaust, the deaths of Jewish children. She compared American border camps for children with concentration camps. From  conversation.  With a person I respect.  A person with deep ties to Israel; who is alert to the possibility of anti-Semitism.   The horrors of the Nazi death camps cannot be diminished by describing someplace else as a concentration camp. The horror of the death camps stands by itself.

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