2017       Special Election    Lost 52-48

Here is another special election you might want to think about.  Consider supporting former Congressional Staffer Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District.  You can find more about him at his website https://electjon.com/The date for this election isn’t set yet.  There is no vacancy yet.  The current representative is Tom Price, Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. 

It would be great to take away that congressional seat.  JonOssoff is a strong possibility to do  that.  He has the support of Congressman John Lewis, for whom he interned, and of Congressman Hank Johnson for whom he was a staff member.  Working in the private sector, he has he helped expose corruption in Ghana and atrocities in Iraq.

Jon Ossoff does have to make it through the primary.  He already has demonstrated an ability to raise some money. His endorsements makes him the likely winner of a Democratic Primary.  His primary opponents are a former state senator and a former state representative.  There are four people seeking the Republican nomination. The likely candidate is a current state senatorThis is a district that a strong Democratic candidate might win.  But it will not be easy.  Price won the 2016 Congressional elections by roughly 60-40.  Trump, on the other hand, did much worse in this very suburban district.  Trump’s poor showing is what creates hope for a win in this district.

Every dollar will count for JonOssoff.  Even a small gift, especially if it is offered monthly, will be important.