Trump lies, We lie down

Who explained how wrong Trump was? Who focused on his lie? Hardly anyone. We are exhausted. Our critical faculties cannot keep up. We know Trump lies. We just do not expose his lies anymore.

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ICE = Cruelty, Inc

The Mob use to have Murder, Inc. Through ICE, our government has Cruelty, Inc. Delma Joel Ramirez Palma. On October 12, in New Orleans, he was working on the Hard Rock Hotel construction. Under construction, the building collapsed. As the building was collapsing, he jumped from floor to floor and survived. It may be a coincidence, but he had reported safety violations at the construction site several times.   Two days after the collapse, he was arrested. While fishing. Without a license. OSHA would like him back as a witness. ICE deported him. Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph. In September, 2019,…

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