What’s coming in 2020?  We read the tea leaves before 2018.  We thought there might be a Blue Wave?

How could we tell?  We watched special elections. Trump watches them, too. He’s been to a rally in North Carolina. Greenville. North Carolina 03. He field tested “Send Her Back.” He got a riotous response.

The Democratic Congressional candidate in NC 03 is Allen Thomas.  The Republicans are favored to win NC 03. With urologist Dr. Murphy as their candidate. A Democratic victory would be an upset.

The close race is in Charlotte. NC 09. The Democratic candidate is Dan McCready. With the Republicans cheating in 2018, McCready lost by about 1,000 votes. His 2018 opponent was not seated.  The Board of Elections thought the cheating affected the outcome. The new Republican opponent is Dan Bishop of North Carolina’s bathroom bill.

Both elections are on September 10. Trump is betting on a split decision. He’ll want credit for a Greenville win (which is where Trump was). He wants to avoid blame for a Charlotte loss (where Trump was not).   He’ll take credit for both wins if he gets both wins.

Help Democrats can get a win in both places. Give some money to tech entrepreneur and former Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas in NC 03.  Give some money to former Marine and solar and internet entrepreneur Dan McCready in NC 09. Good choices for North Carolina. Good choices for us all.