2018      General Election       Lost 54 — 46

 A version of the American Dream

At the end of World War II, Melvin and Lucile Baer founded Baer’s Home Outfitters in South Bend, Indiana.  Their sons learned the business.   One of them moved to Florida in 1968 to open a store. The rest of the Baers followed.  Now there are fifteen Baer furniture stores in Florida.

Lauren Baer  https://laurenbaerforcongress.com/ is a product of that furniture family.  Not a direct product.  Her father founded a commercial real estate business.  There were other relatives who did not sell furniture.  While her great grandfather was founding a furniture store in South Bend, a great uncle was the rabbi at Temple Emmanuel in New York. Lauren Baer moved farther from the furniture business.  She went to Harvard and graduated magna cum laude. She won a Marshall and went to Oxford.  She went to Yale Law School.  There are lots of opportunities for someone with that kind of pedigree.  Lauren Baer  clerked in the 2nd circuit of the US Court of Appeals and became an associate at Wilmer Hale doing international work.  Lauren Baer worked for Hillary Clinton’s and John Kerry’s State Department — as a  member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Staff and, in Kerry’s last months in office, as Senior Policy Advisor.  With the Republicans in power, she became a consultant for the Albright (that’s Madelaine) Stonebridge Group.

While working in the Secretary of State’s office, Lauren Baer  married Emily Meyer at Temple Emmanuel in New York.  While working for Albright Stonebridge, she geared up for a Congressional Campaign.

The most important event of the campaign occurred in the congressional district immediately south of District 18 — the shooting in Parkland.  When the incumbent Congressman blamed video games for mass shootings, Lauren Baer jumped on it:  ““There’s one thing we know and it’s that video games don’t cause mass shootings, guns in the hands of individuals with bad intentions do, and there are common-sense steps that we can take in our communities and members of Congress can take in order to curb gun violence and keep our children safe…“.

Lauren Baer has an appealing primary opponent who she will almost certainly defeat.  How Lauren Baer does in the general election is another story.  Her opponent, the incumbent Brian Mast, is tough.  He lost both legs fighting in Afghanistan.  He stopped blaming shootings on video games.

In an op-ed article in the New York Times, Brian Mast was the first Republican Congressman to break with the NRA.  He announced opposition to future purchase of fully automatic firearms including accessories that would circumvent that ban as well as support for better background checks, greater security in schools, and research regarding gun safety.  Lauren Baer’s opponent passed a test.  To win, Lauren Baer will need to redefine the test. On guns and other issues.   Lauren Baer’s  positions are a contrast with the incumbents’:

Climate change – She would protect the environment and Florida’s coastline. The incumbent protects the environment by opposing a train route through the district.Fund education – She would work toward all children having access to first-rate public schools. The incumbent is another Republican for school choice.Health care – She would guarantee that all people have quality, affordable healthcare.  The incumbent voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and supported the Republican non-replacement.Infrastructure and tax plans – She focuses on infrastructure and tax plans that support the middle class.  The incumbent voted for the Republican tax plan and believes business needs to be freed from regulation.

Lauren Baer  https://laurenbaerforcongress.com/ is facing a tough incumbent.  She needs  your help.