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A Good Guy with a Record

How bluish can Arizona become?  It has two Republican Senators.  The governor is Republican.  Congressional redistricting is in the hands of a commission intended to be non-partisan (although the legislature is looking at taking back control of redistricting).  After the 2016 election, the Congressional delegation was divided 5 Rs to 4 Ds.  Only three seats, according to the Cook report are not competitive.  Three are extremely competitive.  One of those extremely competitive seats is Congressional District 09.

The ninth was Krysten Sinema’s seat.  She is running for the Senate.   Greg Stanton http://stantonforarizona.com/is the Democratic candidate to replace her. 

Greg Stanton is the Mayor of Phoenix.  Greg Stanton is a Phi Beta Kappa Graduate from Marquette, a graduate of University of Michigan Law School. He worked in education law in Phoenix, was elected to the city council, and then was elected mayor.

Read Wikipedia:  Greg Stanton was named a public official of the year in 2015.  He distinguished himself by expanding light rail, bike lanes, and sidewalks.  The city’s greenhouse gas emissions were reduced.  He favored eliminating the sales tax on food in Phoenix, but shrank from actually doing that in the face of revenue shortages that would have required substantial layoffs. 

Read his website: Greg Stanton describes himself as someone who gets things done — noting that Phoenix recovered from the housing crash of 2007 and is now rated as second to San Francisco in creating technology jobs.  He touts his leadership on LGBQ issues. 

Read the local press:  Greg Stanton is recognized for his economic efforts including a trip to Canada to encourage trade.  He is recognized for a focus on immigrants including a substantial donation from his mayoralty campaign fund (which he can’t use to run for federal office) in support of DACA renewals.

Read national journals: Governing magazine reports Greg Stanton’s transportation package, passed as he was elected to a second term, adds 42 miles of light rail, more than 1,000 miles of bike lanes, 135 miles of sidewalks and expanded hours of bus service.  Arizona State University’s public-private partnerships toward Greg Stanton’s green goals help the city recycle materials that would otherwise b dumped. Firms create marketable products from discarded mattresses, food waste and palm fronds. Phoenix has doubled its waste diversion rate from 15 percent to 30 percent.

Greg Stanton did receive one bit of big city mayor bad publicity (Phoenix is a genuinely big city — fifth largest in the country).  Once elected mayor, he fired the City Treasurer who had made substantial contributions to his campaign.   During the campaign, he was criticized for taking the donations and opposing her prosecution for embezzlement.That was his scandal.  It is long gone.  He is generally recognized as a good guy with a good record.  Get him elected to this tough district, a district that encompasses the northern part of Phoenix and extends north toward Scottsdale.  Help Greg Stanton http://stantonforarizona.com/  keep Arizona 09 blue.  Help Greg Stanton http://stantonforarizona.com/  be part of the movement that makes Arizona a blue (or at least a blueish) state. Results of the Pennsylvania 18 special election

Conor Lamb won an extremely close victory in yesterday’s special election.  (Absentee ballots have not yet been counted, but they will not change who won.)  This Democratic victory in PA 18 is startling.  Trump won the district in 2016 by 20 points.  Romney won the district in 2012 by 17 points.  Democrats had not even fielded a candidate in 2014 or 2016.  Those of us who are looking for a Democratic wave in November can feel encouraged, but not complacent.  If that wave victory comes about, Democrats will have to think about how to manage the victory. Like many Democrats running to flip Republican seats, Lamb,is pretty conservative.  A victorious Democratic Party will have a higher percentage of moderate Democrats in Congress than is now the case.