2018      Special Election      Lost 53 — 4

2018      General Election      Lost 57 — 43

 A Tip on Tipirneni – Help Now

 Arizona 08 is now an open seat.  The primary, which HiralTipirneni will win is on February 27.  The election is April 24.  Republicans are scrambling.  Thirteen have filed to run.  Arizona 08 will do it all over again in November.  HiralTipirneni has a chance to become the incumbent.

 HiralTipirneni http://hiralforcongress.com/ came to Ohio from India as a three year old.  Her parents struggled, then thrived.  Her father was an engineer, her mother a social worker.  Heral went to medical school.

 Hiral Tipirneni married to a fellow student.  After completing residencies, they chose Phoenix as a place to settle.  Her husband joined an orthopedics practice; she worked in ERs.  Personal experiences changed Hiral Tipinerni’s life.Hiral Tipirneni’s mother died of cancer.  A nephew died of cancer.  Hiral Tipirneni turned to cancer research.  Work in cancer research moved her into the public life of the community.  She was a leader of research teams, served on boards, was involved in public advocacy, worked to affect the character and quality of life in her community.

 Hiral Tipirneni’s interests were not partisan.  Her interests were science and creating a better community.  Those interests led her to politics, to her run for Congress. She expected to be running against the boorish Trent Franks.  She learned; we all learned just how boorish he was.   Franks resigned from Congress after it became public that he had asked women staff members to bear a child for him.  His resignation led to the special election scheduled for April 24. Hiral Tipirneni was preparing for an election in November. Unlike the scrambling Republican candidates, she was prepared.   Her website outlines hew views. 

  • Health Care: Expand Medicare to allow anyone to buy in.
  • Economy:  Simplify the tax code, expand work force training and affordable child care
  • Retirement, Security, and Veterans: Protect social security, medicare, and veteran’s benefits.  Reduce wait times for veterans’ medical care.
  • Education:  Invest in K-12 education and make post secondary education more affordable.
  • Government accountability: Reduce influence of special interests and increase transparency
  • Immigration:  Protecting border security (not with a wall) and creating a path to citizenship are not mutually exclusive
  • 2nd Amendment rights:  Ensure legal channels for gun owners interested in sport and hunting while finding common sense solutions to gun safety
  • Women’s reproductive rights: Abortions should be safe, legal, and rare

HeralTipirneni http://hiralforcongress.com/ is worth fighting for.  Help her win now.  Build that Democratic wave.


The Arizona special election is preceded by a special election in Pennsylvania.  If the Democrat can win in Pennsylvania, Arizona will be an easier win.  ProsecutorConor Lamb https://conorlamb.com/is behind by two points in the most recent poll for the March 13 election in PA 18.  A little financial support could put him over the top.