North Carolina has 13 Congressional Districts. Two of them a vacant. Both will be decided on Elections on Tuesday, September 10.

NC 09 Dan v Dan. Charlotte and environs along NC’s southern border. The election is a toss up according to Inside Elections and the Cook Report. It was a Republican seat, won by less than 1,000 votes by the Republican candidate. The Board of Election refused to certify because the Republican tampered with absentee ballots and filed them illegally. He’s not running. Dan Bishop is.

State Senator Dan Bishop in a North Carolina guy. BA UNC. JD UNC. He is best known for his role in passing the “bathroom bill” to require transgender people to use public bathrooms intended for their original sex. He also sponsored successful legislation that prevents people living near factory farms from obtaining damages from any harm the farms have done them.

Dan McCready is from Charlotte. BA Duke. MBA Harvard. He is former Marine Captain with battlefield experience in Iraq and a businessman whose Capital Fund supports solar energy and whose online craft business sells the work of artisans from economically depressed areas. The ten freshmen of the “Gang of Nine” (Conor Lamb elected in a special from PA 17 is the tenth) who flipped Republican seats could use an eleventh. Help Dan McCready.