George Will via a Drey Samuelson Facebook post.

George Will described today’s Republicans.  Like Communists.

The US Communist Party followed Joseph Stalin like sheep in the 1930s. The US Republican Party follows Trump the same way. They change their beliefs as their overlord requires them to.

“They were for free trade until Trump informed them that they were not. They were defenders of the U.S. intelligence community until Trump announced in Helsinki that he believed Vladimir Putin rather than this community regarding Russian support for his election. They excoriated wishful thinking regarding North Korea until Trump spent a few hours with Kim Jong Un and, smitten, tweeted, ‘There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.’ Republicans have moved from stressing presidential dignity to cowed silence when, to take only the most recent example, Trump endorsed a North Korean state media outlet’s ridicule of ‘low IQ’ Joe Biden (a taunt Trump falsely ascribed to Kim). Republicans railed against President Barack Obama’s executive overreaching but are eloquently mute when Obama’s successor promiscuously declares ’emergencies’ in order to ‘repurpose’ funds Congress appropriated for other purposes, and to truncate the process of congressional approval of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and its allies.”

Black Sheep.