During our trip to London, we spent a morning at Kew Gardens. A beautiful day. Beautiful gardens. An exhibition of glass flower-like Dale Chihuly sculptures scattered throughout.

We chatted with a British couple who seemed about our age. = London doesn’t seem very British anymore, they said. More than half the people there aren’t British, they said.

During his trip to the United Kingdom, Donald Trump’s principal targets for criticism were Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex (“nasty”) and Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London (“stone cold loser,” “short”).

Trump might have been speaking the Queen’s English. He was certainly speaking the language of the couple we met. There were hints that the Queen was not pleased when Prince Harry announced plans to marry Meghan Markle, an African-American actress. There are no suggestions that the Queen thinks about the mayor of London at all.

Is it a coincidence that Donald Trump targeted two dark-skinned people for criticism? Of course, they had criticized him.  Perhaps they seemed not British. The couple we met at Kew would probably agree.