2017       General Election    Elected 51 – 48

Will New York turn blue, too?

What?  New York is not a Democratic state?  The Assembly is overwhelmingly Democratic.  The Senate is not.  The Governor is a Democrat who seems happiest working to curb the Assembly’s enthusiasms.

 When a Democrat was elected to a Republican Long Island Assembly seat in a special election, it seemed like a sign.   If a Democrat is elected Nassau County Executive in 2017, that would be another sign from Long Island. 

 Laura Curran http://www.lauracurran2017.com/ would be that Democrat. The incumbent Republican is an advantage for Curran.  He is not running again because he has been indicted for fraud and bribery. He is scheduled for trial in January, 2018.  Laura Curranis running on an anti-corruption platform.

 Laura Curran would create an independent inspector general for the county, require legislative review of all contracts, enforce prohibitions against hiring relatives and make other hiring reforms including prohibiting consideration of political party for jobs and opening summer jobs to all. She would create transparency in the management of the county and its legislature and separate politics from the management of the county.

 Laura Curran argues that eliminating corruption will reduce spending because corruption increases costs.  She also intends to increase revenue for the County by increasing tourism and supporting the growth of local businesses.  Encouraging development around Long Island Railroad and bus hubs would, she proposes, create attractive walkable downtowns with new businesses and a stronger tax base.  She intends to avoid hiring from the local “old boys club.”  A consequence of that change could be hiring and contracting with more women and more people of color.

 Laura Curran knows her way around. Not because she has been a school board member or a county legislator.  She was a reporter for the NY Daily News and NY Post.  She learned more working in Tom Suozzi’s press office when he was County Executive.  Like many of the Democratic Congressional candidates in purple districts, she avoids controversial culture issues.  During the campaign, her closest brush with controversy was support of medical marijuana.

 Give Laura Curran http://www.lauracurran2017.com/ some support.  The election is in November — less than a month away.  A Democratic victory here would help move New York toward being a genuinely blue state.  Help Laura Curran make that happen. If you are going to help, do it now.  There is not a lot of time left.