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2019               General Election

Heather French Henry https://www.heatherfrenchhenry.com/ is a counterpoint to Donald Trump. A route to success in the South. Miss America. 2000.

Heather French Henry describes herself as having a twenty year commitment to veterans. So she has. Her father was a marine. Disabled in Vietnam. Concern for veterans was her theme as Miss America. She took it seriously. The late Senator Paul Wellstone and the late Congressman Lane Evans honored her efforts to support homeless veterans by naming their proposal the Heather French Henry Homeless Veterans Assistance Act. If Paul Wellstone could take Heather French Henry, you can too

Kentucky governors have taken her seriously. In 2014, Heather French Henry was appointed Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veteran’s Affairs by Kentucky’s last Democratic Governor, Steve Beshear. The newly elected Republican Governor, currently the incumbent, asked her to stay on as Deputy Commissioner to complete oversight of building projects. She is a builder – real and virtual. She built a new veterans’ nursing center and a Kentucky veterans cemetery. She focused on women veterans. She built a data base of Kentucky veterans that synched with the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Heather French Henry has credentials for this. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnatti College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Had she not won the Miss America contest, she might have focused in design.  Wait.  She had a career in design.  She became a fashion designer.  She also made permanent ties to Kentucky Democratic Leadership.   She married Kentucky’s Lt. Governor. Nearly twenty years later, they are still married and have two daughters. She is 44. He is 65. She is the political candidate.

Heather French Henry is a candidate for an enormously important job. The Republican establishment has bet its continued role as the dominant party on manipulating the electorate – gerrymandering and voter suppression. State Secretaries of State control the election process. The Republicans are spending money to defeat her. Lots of money.

Henry French Henry knows what the Secretary of State’s office means. She promises to restore civics education in the schools, Kentuckians they will not have to wonder whether their vote counts, non-violent offenders who complete their debt to society they will be automatically registered to vote, to introduce early voting and eliminate the requirement for a reason for an absentee ballot. She has a promise or to regarding the non-election Secretary of State responsibilities.

There is more to Heather French Henry’s story. There is a tragedy. Driving, making a right turn with a green light, she hit and killed a cyclist. She wasn’t charged. The cyclist might not have been killed had she been wearing a helmet. None of that takes away from the tragedy.

There is more the Heather French Henry’s story. She us a wealthy woman. In her own right. Her career as a fashion designer and her show room, The Rose Hill Boutique, have been a great success.  She is persistent. She built a business. She doesn’t let go of her goals. When she was selected Miss America, it was her fourth try.  She has been considering a political run for years. This is the time for it. Her campaign is part of an effort to preserve the American democracy.

Heather French Henry’s opponent is a bright guy. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He worked in GW Bush’s Justice Department and for Mitch McConnell. He explains that he “built a national Republican election law practice, helping elect many Republican leaders….in Kentucky and across America.” He describes himself as having guided candidates on legal issues to ensure legal compliance. Think about it. His commitment is to creating and manipulating rules to ensure that one side wins. The Republicans. Heather French Henry’s opponent is a dangerous guy.

We need fair elections in Kentucky. Whether Democrats win or lose, they will do better with fair elections than with elections rigged to help the Republicans. Help Heather French Henry https://www.heatherfrenchhenry.com/. Take a look at her website and make a donation. She needs our help for November, 2109.

While you are emptying your checkbook for Heather French Henry and a few of the 2019 candidates listed below, consider the Louisiana Democratic Party. Help them fix the imbalance in their legislature. Tell them that is what the money is for.

The first critical Louisiana date is October 12.  Louisiana’s all party primary/election. If a candidate gets more than 50%, the election is over. Otherwise the top two, regardless of party, run off on November 12.

The 105 member Louisiana House of Representatives has 62 Republicans, 39 Democrats, and 4 Independents. Forty-three incumbents are not running for reelection. Twenty-three of them are Republicans.

The 39 member Louisiana State Senate has 25 Republicans and 14 Democrats. Seventeen incumbents are not running for reelection. Twelve  are Republicans.

Support for the Louisiana Democratic Party can help them target the open Republican seats. With help they can make a dent in the Republican majorities. The Party website is https://louisianademocrats.org/  Take a look. Make a donation. Make a difference in Louisiana.

2019 Elections are imminent

Immediate Concern: Special Elections on September 10 – a month away. Help these candidates today.

North Carolina’s Third Congressional District                    Allen Thomas

North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District                    Dan McCready


Immediate Concern: All Party Primary on October 12 – two months away. Today would be a good time to help.

Louisiana     Governor reelection                     John Bel Edwards

Almost immediate concern: November Elections – three months away. Tomorrow would be OK to help. Check their websites.

November 5

Kentucky      Governor                                          Andy Beshear

Kentucky      Secretary of State                          Heather French Henry

Kentucky     Attorney General                            Greg Stumbo

Mississippi  Governor                                          Jim Hood

Mississippi Attorney General                            Jennifer Riley Collins      


November 12 if no candidate gets a majority on October 12

Louisiana     Governor reelection                     John Bel Edwards