Be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb. Blame me when I’m innocent, I may as well choose to be guilty.

Chinese officials blame the US for stirring up trouble in Hong Kong, for creating a “color revolution.” China is a rival. Obama’s pivot to Asia and his TPP were efforts to contain China militarily and through trade. Trump has instead engaged China in a unilateral trade war, now also a currency war..

Blamed for stirring up Hong Kong?  Go to it.  Encourage Hong Kong. Urge it to look to Singapore as an example. A successful city-state. Encourage the Uighurs, too. Chinese prison camps for Uighurs is one of the worst infringements on liberty in the world today. China is afraid the Uighur province of Xinjiang wants a separate country. Should we recognize governments in exile for Hong Kong and for Xinjiang?

Then there’s Russia. Putin blames the US for stirring up a color revolution, too. For sending non-profit organizations to Russia that favor democracy. In retaliation for our non existent interference in Russia, Putin encourages interference with our elections, with our conversations about our political issues is an infringement on our sovereignty. Russia has its own problems. With an economy on the ropes, Russia is looking for a magic pill, an atomic powered cruise missile to circle the globe forever, ready to drop a nuclear bomb whenever the leadership is so included. That missile blew up in Russia’s face. The economy is blowing up, too. People are marching. News reporters endanger their own lives by reporing. Opponents endanger their lives and their family’s lives by acting on their opposition. .Should the US help the reporters.? the opponents?

Be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.