Hand it to Trump. He shocked me. I didn’t think he could. He has said and done many offensive things. He reached a new level. The POTUS accused a past POTUS of murder.

He didn’t actually make the accusation. Trump retweeted the accusation. The functional equivalent of “I heard….” That is not an acceptable explanation. Not anymore. Trump heard that Bill Clinton murdered Jeffrey Epstein. Unacceptable. Shocking.

His staff? The Republicans? Kellyann says Trump just wants to investigate everything. The US Attorney general says he is investigating Epstein’s death. Is Bill Clinton part of that investigation?

This is not comic. This is disaster. This is the decline of the Roman Empire. They got to know something about murder.

  • Caesar Augustus died of natural causes at age 75 after reining for 41 years
  • Tiberius died at age 77 by natural causes. Or was he assassinated by Caligula after his rein of 23 years?
  • Caligula was assassinated at age 28 after a rein of less than 4 years.
  • Claudius was probably assassinated by his wife Agrippina after a rein of less than 14 years, She wanted to replace him with her son.
  • Nero, the son, committed suicide at age 30 after being declared a public enemy by the Roman Senate
  • Galba was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard at age 72 after ruling for 7 months
  • Otho committed suicide after losing the Battle of Bedriacum, He had ruled for 3 months
  • Vitellius was murdered at age 69 by Vespasian’s troops after ruling for 8 months
  • Vespasian died of natural causes at age 69 after ruling for 9 ½ years.
  • Titus died of natural causes at age 41 after ruling for 2 years
  • Domitian was assassinated by court officials at age 44 after ruling for 15 years