Elizabeth Warren seems more popular now. Now, after she withdrew from the presidential race, we get stories about the people who miss her. No one mourns Amy Klobuchar or Pete Buttigieg in the same way. Some may mourn the loss of Mike Bloomberg. Most, if his money stays in the campaign, will be happy. What if Elizabeth’s ideas stay in the campaign?

The newspapers are sad now. People are sad now. Me, too. People know. She would have been the best president. She would have been the best president because she understands government. She knows how to make the government work in the interests of people.=

What would have happened if she had done everything the same? Developed all those plans for people to day, but advertised differently? Told her story? Growing up on the bare edge of middle class? Her dad getting sick. Losing the car. Almost losing the house. Her mom going to work. Testing, among other things, Elizabeth’s understanding of women’s role in the world. Maybe a few ads about being a debater? Winning championships. Going to school in Washington, then returning.

Her college experiences, Houston, Her taching experience in Houston. Losing her reappointment as a teacher after explaining that she was pregnant. Tell the story whether Republicans believe it or not.

Tell the story about her becoming and then being a lawyer. Rutgers Law School. Divorce and remarrying. Her conversion. From being a Republican. As she learned from her research: bankruptcies happened in ways that resembled her family’s experience. Bankruptcies happened after a health emergency.

Would telling that story have made a difference? Would telling it over and over again have made people see her differently. If her focus was: “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Would she have become popular without dropping out?