At Board meetings, we usually begin with a D’var Torah (a talk about a section of the Torah that is being read during that particular week). At the board meeting the rabbi spoke about Parashat Ki Tisa read during this particular week in the year 5780:

The LORD spoke to Moses, saying: Make a laver and a stand of copper for it for washing, and place it between the Tent of Meeting and the altar. Put water in it, and let Aaron and his sons wans their hands and fee [in water drawn] from it. Whey they enter the Tent of Meeting they shall wash with water, that they may not die; or when they approach the altar to serve, to turn into smoke an offering by fire to the LORD, they shall wash their hands and fee, that they may not die. It shall be a law for all time for them – for him and his offspring – throughout the ages. (Exodus 30:17-21).

In other words, wash your hands. And your feet if you are walking around in sandals in the desert. Words to live by.

We usually begin the D’var Torah with the prayer for study. At this Board meeting we ended the D’var Torah with the prayer for hand washing:

Blessed are You, Breath of Life our god, Ruler of the universe who makes us holy through obligations and commands us elevate ourselves through washing our hands.

You don’t have to be Jewish or a believer to appreciate how long hand washing has been a fundamental part of personal care.