There are many ways to help.  Give money.  Write postcards.  Write texts.  Make phone calls.  Help get the vote out. Go directly to website of  the Democratic candidates for US Senator.  Go to Fair Fight. It is a national organization, founded by Stacey Abrams who, but for voter suppression, would have been the Democratic Governor of Georgia today.  Or go to one of the numerous organizations that organizes get out the vote efforts by contacting voters directly.

Check out Political Note #336 GEORGIA AND THE US SENATE for more information about these two run off elections.

Suggestions are below:

Helping Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff Website:   https://electjon.com

Helping Raphael Warnock

Raphael Warnock Website:   https://warnockforgeorgia.com

Helping Stacey Abrams help them both

FairFight Website:  https://fairfight.com

Other organizations through which you can send postcards, text, make phone calls

Vote Forward Website:  https://votefwd.org

Postcards to Voters Website: PostcardsToVoters.orgOR email to: join@TonytheDemocrat.org

OR text “Join” at 341-444-2229

You can get postcards directly at the post office (though they may have run out) or via https://www.usps.com

You can also get postcards at https://www.etsy.com/shop/maryhawkins

Daily Kos Georgia volunteer opportunities: https://actn.et/DJPuPWi0

Or https://actn.et/d8cLLki0

The Andrew Goodman Foundation makes a particular effort to register young voters.  If you are thinking about giving money this is a worthy alternative: https://andrewgoodman.org