Results from November 5, 2019


Andy Beshear, Kentucky      Appears to have won by 5,000 votes

Jim Hood, Mississippi            Lost 52-47

Other State-wise Offices

Secretary of State, Kentucky

Heather French Henry         Lost 52-48

Attorney General, Mississippi

Jennifer Riley Collins                        Lost 58-42

Virginia Legislature

HD 10 Wendy Gooditis         Reelected 53-47

HD 27 Larry Barnett             Lost to incumbent by 191 votes

HD 28 Josh Cole                    Defeated incumbent 52-48

HD 66 Sheila Bynum-

Coleman                                   Lost to incumbent 52-47

HD 83 Nancy Guy                  Defeated incumbent by 18 votes

HD 92 Shelly Simonds          Defeated incumbent 58-40

HD 100 Phil Hernandez       Lost to incumbent 52-48

SD 08 Missy Cotter Smasel  Lost to incumbent 53-47

SD 13 John Bell                      Flipped seat 55-45

Brief analysis:

Kentucky: The Republican governor was deeply flawed and still came close. On the other hand, down ballot candidate Heather French Henry came reasonably close for the Democrats. Keep it up. Run candidates in the legislature. Help them.

Mississippi: As Mississippi there is a chance here. In these races, African American turnout was not so great, but turnout in Memphis suburbs was good. Get both of those happening, there is a chance for Democratic victories here. Run candidates in the legislature. Help them.


Both the Senate and the House of Delegates were flipped. This bodes well for the future.  If Virginia can deal with the embarrassment at the highest levels of government. Focus on 2020 and 2021. North Carolina may be next.