My wife did not remember. At least it won’t happen in New York, she said.  Someone berated for speaking Spanish.

May, 2018. It happened in New York. In Mid-town.   A customer shouted at a kitchen worker for speaking Spanish. “This is America. Speak English.” Someone got it on video.

Within a few days, my wife had her own example. In Fairway. A customer shouted at cashiers for speaking Spanish. Other customers ignored the complaint. The cashiers ignored it, too.

Later. Another day. On a bus. A Spanish speaking nanny with the little girl she was caring for. The little girl was watching Dora the Explorer on her video. Repeating what was on the video. The nanny helped the girl get her Spanish pronunciation right.

“You can’t even speak English. What are you doing teaching her Spanish.” From someone else on the bus.

What’s happening. Is New York becoming like the rest of the country? Who’d have thought? Que pasa?