Thank you Robert Hubble. He thanked Steven Benen of MSNBC for the following description of Democratic Progress.

  • The House was 241-194 Republican after the 2016 election. Today, it is 235-199 Democratic.
  • Republicans held a historic 33-16 advantage in governor’s seats after the 2016 election. Today, it’s 26-24.
  • Republicans had a 32-14 advantage in state legislatures controlled after 2016. Today, it’s 30-19.
  • The GOP had total control over the governance of 24 states vs. 7 for Democrats. Today, it’s 22-14.
  • Republicans had an advantage of 57% to 42% in nationwide state legislative seats after 2016. Today, 52% to 47%.

If we don’t let up. If we donate money. If we volunteer our help. If we do more than we have done in the past, we can restore our democracy.