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July 5th , 2024                       Len’s Political Note #654 Martin Heinrich New Mexico Senator

2024                                      General Election

It is unlikely that Martin Heinrich is in trouble as he runs for his third term in the US Senate.  In 2018, he was re-elected by a 54 to 31 point margin.  The libertarian candidate got 15% of the vote.  Without a serious third party candidate, Ben Ray Lujan was elected to New Mexico’s other Senate seat in 2020 by a 52 to 46 margin. In May 2024, a Republican funded poll found Martin Heinrich leading Nella Dominici by 3 points, 41-38.  In June, a PPP poll (PPP usually polls for Democrats) found him leading Dominici, 47 to 40 – approaching the 50% mark.  Martin Heinrich has prepared himself for the election.  On May 15, he had $4.4 million available for his campaign.  Nella Dominici had $1.1 million.

You cannot tell with someone like Dominici.  She is not just another out of state multi-millionaire running for a Senate seat in the state where she grew up.  The Republican candidates for the Senate in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin fit that description.  What distinguishes her is that her father was the US Senator from New Mexico.  As with those multimillionaires as well as others like the Montana Republican candidate or the Ohio candidate or the Florida incumbent and candidate, you just don’t know how much of their own money they will put into a race when crunch time arrives.

Martin Heinrich’s dad, Pete, came to the United States from Germany as a young boy in the 1930s.  His mother had apparently been married to someone named Cordes, then married Olaf Heinrich. Olaf Heinrichand his family came to Fallon, Nevada.  Pete Heinrich grew up there, but left home as a teenager to be a ranch hand.  He found his way to the University of California, Davis, but left college to join the navy.

After his stint in the navy, Pete returned to Nevada, met Shirley Bybee and married her in 1968.  He worked as a lineman for a while in California and then brought his family to Missouri where he found work for Missouri Public Service and also owned and ran a small cattle farm.  A member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, he retired as the manager the electric and gas service for Sedalia, Missouri.  He had earned a 60 year membership pin from the Brotherhood. IN addition to work on the farm, Shirley worked in a factory making blue jeans.

Martin Heinrich was Pete’s son, one of three children.  He went to the University of Missouri and stayed to get a degree in mechanical engineering.  He worked briefly for the Air Force Research Lab in Albuquerque.  There were two things important about that.  It brought him to New Mexico.  It drove him to look for work that was “more civic.”

He found AmeriCorps, which was working with the National Wildlife Service to consider whether or not to introduce the Mexican grey wolf into the Gila Wilderness.  For nine months, Martin Heinrich lived out of his truck, traveling around the wilderness to see if there were any wolves left, to see if hunters had wiped them out.

Martin Heinrich was comfortable in the wilderness.  That comfort prepared him for his next job — sometimes described as Executive Director of the Cottonwood Gulch Foundation.  He ran a program that took kids out on wilderness expeditions. More elegantly described, he worked for  “a New Mexico nonprofit organization dedicated to educating young people on natural science and the environment.”

That experience prepared him for a couple of non-wilderness adventures – creating his own consulting firm and politics.  In 2004, he was elected to the Albuquerque City council (by a 52-48 margin) and, having demonstrated a commitment to preserving New Mexico’s land and water, Governor Bill Richardson appointed him as a Trustee of the state’s Natural Resources. He went on to two terms in Congress and to the Senate.

It did not hurt his politics that his interest in hunting and the guns required for shooting elk and other big game earned him the support of the NRA.  Later, he departed from the ordinary views of outdoor sportsmen and supported Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.  As he explained to a group of middle school students, he did not agree with everything in the proposal, but it was an important symbol for where the country needed to go.

His most impressive accomplishment as a Senator may have been the addition of 1.3 million acres to America’s wilderness system.  He took advantage of the rancor over the government shut down because President Trump’s insistence on the funding for his wall.

Congress had to renew the Land and Water Conservation Fund that uses offshore drilling money to pay for conservation.  Legislators would have no trouble renewing the fund; its support for adding to federal parks, for buying playing fields, and for other conservation efforts was popular with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Martin Heinrich and other members of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee developed a plan to find something every Senator wanted for his or her state. Martin Heinrich had his staff examine every proposal for funding from the past several years that had not been funded. Their proposal included the purchase of 100 pieces of land in 34 states. This was substantially more than renewing the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Martin Heinrich lobbied as relentlessly for this bill as a fundamentally genial and collegial Senator could.  He lobbied Senators.  As a former Member of the House, he was welcome there and lobbied there.  He got the largest conservation purchase in more than a decade passed with 92 votes in the Senate and 363 votes in the House.  Those were enough votes so that the least conservation-oriented President in American history signed the bill into law.

Martin Heinrich’s 2024 opponent, Nella Dominici, spent much of her life in Connecticut.  She entered this campaign giving a half million dollars to herself and explaining to the people of New Mexico: “Like my father and mother, I have been a warrior for those who most need an advocate: for women competing in academics or business, for families dealing with mental illness, and for those without access to quality healthcare or education.”

The chair of the New Mexico Democratic Party saw her career differently.  She said that if Dominici wins the Republican primary, “her close ties to Wall Street and her work for a mega-hedge fund that laid off American workers while investing in China will …face extensive scrutiny.

Nella Dominici is the second officer of the Bridgewater Associates hedge fund to run for the Senate this year. David McCormick lost in the Pennsylvania 2022 primary and is now the Republican candidate against Bob Casey, Jr.  He was the CEO, she was the CFO.  She has credentials – a BA from Georgetown, a JD from Georgetown, and an MBA from Harvard.   She appreciates the fact that “New Mexico is blessed with abundant natural resources, cultural diversity, rich traditions, hard working people, and leading national laboratories and military installations.”  Will her complaint that the cost of living is up and her claim that there is a crime and drug crisis bring her the support that she seeks to defeat Martin Heinrich?  The closest she comes to policy proposals is to say she is in favor of “common sense solutions.”

Martin Heinrich has demonstrated to the country that it is possible to live and work together with the Republicans.  Literally.  He and Republican former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake extended a joke into something serious.  For the Discovery Channel, they did a week of survival on a Marshall Island in the midst of a shark sanctuary.  They were given a machete and two other survival tools, plus, presumably, the tools necessary to record their experience.  After returning, in the days when either Harry Reid or Mitch McConnell was running the Senate, one of the survivalists joked (Flake, I think – the one who did not survive politically) that Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell should try the experience.  If they survived, it would be easier to get legislation to the floor of the Senate.  Of course, if they didn’t survive, it would also be easier to get legislation to the floor of the Senate.

Help Martin Heinrich fend off the efforts of the multimillionaire daughter of a former New Mexico Senator.  DONATE.  Martin Heinrich is an elk hunting survivalist.  He has also been an advocate for same sex marriage, the Green New Deal, and working cooperatively in politics.

New Mexico’s competitive House race

Incumbent Gabe Vasquez of NM 02 is attempting to hold on to a seat which has regularly moved back and forth between the two parties. A former City Councilor and a blue collar environmentalist, his hope to extend his tenure to two terms is buoyed (can you use that term in New Mexico?) by a slight gerrymander in his favor.  Republican realtor and Native American Yvette Herrell is working to get the seat back.

Gabe Vasquez won the 2022 election 55-45.  A poll in September showed Herrell leading by a point.  Gabe Vasquez, on the other hand, is winning the money race.  On May 15, he had $2 million available, Yvette Herrell had one million.


 The top two Senators in this list are considered vulnerable because their states usually vote for Republicans for President.  For other offices, too. 


Incumbent Jon Tester

Jon Tester has established himself as a moderate Democrat and as the last farmer/politician left in the Senate.  He describes himself as a defender of Medicare and Social Security – which one Republican Senator included on a list of programs Congress should vote on every five years.  Altogether, Jon Tester has raised $37.3  million.  He has already spent $21 million and had $26 million according to his May 15 report.

Jon Tester’s opponent is Tim Sheehy.  Sheehy was born and grew up in Minnesota.  Growing up, he lived in a multimillion-dollar lake house, was taught to fly a plane by a neighbor, went to St. Paul Academy in St. Paul, MN, graduated from the Naval Academy and Army Ranger School, and sustained multiple injuries while serving in the Navy. He was “medically separated” from the military 10 years ago.  He moved to Bozeman and founded the “aerial firefighting company Bridger Aerospace and an affiliate company, Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT).  He sold AVT for $350 million in 2020.

He has been involved in a campaign flub which would destroy the candidacy of most.  One of his injuries, a bullet still in his arm, has proven to be a result of an accident in a state park, not a result of combat as he claimed.  A late entry, Tim Sheehy raised $10.8 million, spent $8.3 million, and had $2.4 million on March 31.  Of course, he has considerably more money available if he bothers to reach into his own pocket.

A mid June poll funded by the Montana Republican Party showed Jon Tester and Tim Sheehy tied 46-46.  DONATE TO JON TESTER. Your help could be what ensures that Jon Tester wins reelection. See Len’s Political Note #550. 


Incumbent Sherrod Brown.

Sherrod Brown, through a combination of his support for workers and his gravelly voice, has continued to be reelected state wide while Ohio has otherwise elected Republicans. He says he fights for Ohioans and for the Dignity of Work – a concept he attributes to both Martin Luther King Jr. and Pope Leo XIII.  What is anathema to him are corporate tax breaks and bad trade deals that hurt Ohio and other American workers.  He has been accumulating resources to win this race.  So far, he has raised $40 million.  In order to build a lead, he has spent $25 million, leaving him with $16 million on March 31.

Sherrod Brown knows his opponent now.  He is Bernie Moreno, a native of Bogota, Colombia whose family moved to Ft. Lauderdale Florida during the Colombian civil war between militant leftists and right-wing extremists.  His father had been a physician in Colombia and a major figure in its government.  Moreno went to the University of Michigan, worked for General Motors, ran a car dealership in Boston and then moved to Ohio to own a Mercedes dealership.  After accumulating several dealerships, he sold them off to purchase a blockchain based technology company called Ownum. Among his political priorities are “beating China (which we appear to be doing), restoring energy independence (which we did under the Obama administration), and ending socialism in America (where there has never been socialism).

Moreno has raised $11 million for the campaign and spent $9 million to win the Republican primary.  He had $2 million on March 31An early June poll showed Brown leading by 5, 50 to 45; a poll at the end of May showed Brown leading by 8, 54-48.  Reading and passing the 50% mark can be telling.    DONATE TO SHERROD BROWN. Keeping that financial lead can help secure the lead in the polls.  See Len’s Political Note #556

 The next three seats are open Democratic seats; open because there is no incumbent running, Democratic because (six years ago) they were won by Democrats.



Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin

Michigan – Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin’s family owned Hygrade Meat which included Ball Park Franks. She thought about agriculture when she began education and enrolled in Cornell’s agricultural school.  She was in New York City at Columbia studying international studies at the time of the 9/11 attack. That attack convinced her she should be in public service.  She finished her Master’s Degree and joined the CIA.  After a career in the CIA and working for the Department of Defense and the White House, she and her husband returned to the “genteman’s farm” that had been retained in the family when they sold the business.  They thought about next steps and agreed, Elissa Slotkin would run for Congress, which she did successfully.

Now Elissa Slotkin is running for the seat that Debbie Stabenow is retiring from.  She has raised $16 million and on March 31 had $8.6 remaining.  The probable Republican nominee, former Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers had come out of retirement in Florida for this contest.  He raised $3 million and had $1.4 million on March 31.  Michigan is a large, expensive state.  Both candidates need more.  Elissa Slotkin’s $6 million is insufficient for a Michigan race.

Polls in June had Elissa Slotkin leading by 2, 3, and 5 points. That were a lot of undecided voters in all three polls.  Help Elissa Slotkin reach more people.   DONATE TO ELISSA SLOTKIN. See Len’s Political Note #589



Congressman Ruben Gallego

Ruben Gallego grew up poor in Chicago. He was raised by his mother a half hour southwest of downtown Chicago. He retained a connection with his father until his dad lost his job and drifted into dealing drugs.  Ruben Gallego’s plan to get into Harvard was strategic. He borrowed SAT prep books from the school library.  He contacted Harvard students with Latino names to ask for help in applying for admission and for financial aid.

Ruben Gallego worked his way through Harvard, taking whatever menial jobs student aid had needy students take on.  He has a distinct memory of waiting on Elise Stefanik at a well-attended talk that he would have liked to have been able to pay attention to.  Out of school, Ruben Gallego and his girlfriend, who was from New Mexico, moved to Phoenix.  He joined the marines and was deployed to Iraq.  He returned to the United States committed to veterans who were angry about being sent to war unprotected by sufficient armor.

Ruben Gallego and his girlfriend each had political ambitions, ambitions which have been realized.  She is mayor of Phoenix.  He is a Member of Congress and is now running for the US Senate.  They divorced in 2016.  Amicably, it appears.

Ruben Gallego’s opponent for the US Senate is Kari Lake.  She is a former television announcer and the camera loves her.  She is a follower of Donald Trump.  Not only does she believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, she believes her 2022 run for Governor of Arizona was stolen from her.  She has no basis for either claim, but what does that matter?

A late June poll funded by an organization that calls itself American Greatness and features a video about Trump called Trials Gone Wrong shows Ruben Gallego leading by a point, 39-39.  A poll in mid-June by a more reliable pollster and a more neutral funder found Ruben Gallego leading by 5 points, 45-41.  A poll in early June, funded by AARP, found Gallego up by 3 points, 48-45.

Ruben Gallego has a solid lead in the money race.  Overall, he raised $21 million.  On March 31, he had $9.6 million left and he his raising more, which he needs to do. Lake had $2.5 million on March 31. Gradually, analysts seem to believe his lead is becoming permanent.  You can DONATE TO RUBEN GALLEGO and help him keep that momentum.  See Len’s Political Note #544


County Executive Angela Alsobrooks

Angela Alsobrooks is running in a state that is as consistently Democratic and Montana or Ohio has been consistently Republican.  Montana and Ohio make exceptions.  So does Maryland.  For eight years, for two terms businessman Larry Hogan was the Republican governor of Maryland.  He was one of the most popular governors in the country.  He found a way to remain loyal to his party while creating a path in between the Democrats and the Republicans.

In 2024, he saw an opening.  Marylanders were still conscious of his popularity.  And one of Maryland’s Democratic Senators was retiring.  Early polls gave Larry Hogan a double digit lead to win the Senate.  A Republican Maryland Senator would almost certainly have given the Republicans control of the Senate.  Larry Hogan’s numbers were scary.

Angela Alsobrooks won the Democratic primary to become the Democratic candidate for the US Senate.  A former prosecutor, the Executive of one of Maryland’s largest counties, she would be Maryland’s first African American Senator.  There is nothing more poignant about Angela Alsobrooks than her family story about moving to Washington DC from South Carolina, escaping a place where her great grandfather’s death could count as a lynching.  Made to dance by a sheriff shooting at his feet, his death was reported as occurring as he resisted arrest.

As a prosecutor, she was imaginative rather than reformist.  She earned enough regard so that she was elected County Executive without opposition.  If elected, she will not be a radical in the Senate, but she will bring a point a different point of view.  Unlike the polls before the primary, the single poll we have from June shows her leading by 8 points.  On April 24, she had $1.9 million compared to Larry Hogan’s $1.8 million.  DONATE.  Convince the Republican donors that Maryland will return to form and elect a Democratic US Senator.  Help discourage Republican donors.


 Other Vulnerable Democratic Senators


Incumbent Jacky Rosen

Jacky Rosen moved to Henderson, Nevada from Chicago, following her parents, both of them children of immigrants to the United States.  Her father retired from running his auto dealership.  When she completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota, Jacky Rosen got a job working for the Summa Corporation.  Not a big paying job, she also waitressed at Caesar’s Palace during the summer and took courses at a community college now known as the College of Southern Nevada.

Jacky Rosen may have learned a little bit at Summa.  Summa was the holding company for Howard Hughes’ investments.  Originally made wealthy through movies and airplanes, Howard Hughes had died in 1976.  After his death, Summa retained much of what he owned — hotels and resorts with casinos, a mining company, an oil company, and more.  Jacky Rosen went to work at Summa in 1979.

At the community college, Jacky Rosen earned an AA in computing and information technology – not a bad field in 1985.  She began a three-year stint working for the Southwest Gas utility in 1990 and. then set up her own consulting firm relying on what she had learned.  In 1993, she married radiologist Larry Rosen.

Jacky Rosen settled in as part of her community.  Even before her marriage, she had become a member of her synagogue, Ner Tamid.  A few years after her marriage, she became president of the synagogue.  By 2016, she had been president, off and on, for roughly twenty years.  That year she was approached by Harry Reid, eminence gris of Nevada politics.  Would she run for Congress?

After she was elected, as she was preparing to run for the US Senate, having been encouraged again by Harry Reid, The Nevada Independent ran a story about her candidacy describing her as having been “[A] nice and normal human being, a good listener to her friends and fellow synagogue members.” The US Senate is not full of “nice and normal human beings.”  The story went on to say “She doles out parenting advice to members of Congress when they’re having trouble balancing their work and home lives.”  She helped them live normal lives under abnormal conditions.

In a single term, Jacky Rosen has become an influential member of the Senate – taking her own route.  She is consistent in her vision.  She promises to grow Nevada’s economy for the future. She emphasizes travel and tourism, clean energy, and STEM education.  She would make health care more accessible and affordable, fight for reproductive rights, address Nevada’s doctor shortage, address political corruption in Washington, support veterans and members of the armed forces, and fix the current broken immigration system.  She does not have specific proposals for all of these.  She’ll listen to her colleagues and help them all to create practical solutions.

Sam Brown is her probable opponent.  He is a military guy, like several of the Republican challengers including Jon Tester’s opponent Tim Sheehy.  But Sam Brown has a story.  Transporting heavy equipment in Iraq, his vehicle was hit by an IED.  Brown was fortunate to live through the experience.  He was burned over 60% of his body.  He lost a finger. His face is disfigured. That he is a wounded veteran is visible is visible wherever he goes.

Sam Brown is not a billionaire or even a multi-millionaire.  He has, however, been “politically adopted” by Nevada billionaire David Duffield.  Duffield donated $2 million to a SuperPAC and may donate more.  As things stand now, in conventional fundraising, Jacky Rosen has raised more than $27 million and has spent $17.3 million to establish herself.  On May 22, she had $10.2 million.  All that is considerably more than Sam Brown who raised a total of $7.1 million and spent $4.6 million to stay ahead in the Republican primary and introduce. Himself to the people of Nevada.  He had $2.5 million on May 22 and won his primary easily.  Duffield will help him compete on the way to November. Brown will need those resources.Rosen led him by 12 points, 50 to 38 in one mid June poll, by 5 points 47 – 42 in another conducted at the same time

Despite her leads in the polls and in the money race, we should think of Jacky Rosen as a vulnerable Democratic incumbent. In 2022, Nevada elected a Republican governor in a close race.  DONATE TO JACKY ROSEN.  She needs every dollar you can give even if she appears on paper to be in a comfortable position for this election.


Bob Casey Jr.’s father was governor of Pennsylvania for 8 years and a national leader of anti-abortion Democrats.  Bob Casey Jr has been a moderate Democrat who was elected state auditor general and state treasurer before being elected senator. He has raised $23.8 million for his campaign and had $11.9 million remaining on April 4.   David McCormick is the son of a Pennsylvania state university president and former head of a national software services company and, later, the head of a hedge fund.  McCormick returned to Pennsylvania and lost the Senate primary in 2022, in part, because he was accused of actually living in Connecticut. He has since purchased a house in Pennsylvania.  He reported that he had raised $11.1 million and had $6.4 million available on April 4.

McComick is still hanging around in the polls.  Polls in June had Bob Casey leading by 4, 6, and 8 points. Nevertheless, Pennsylvania Democrats are nervous. They know that David McCormick has nearly unlimited funds to contribute to the campaign if he is inclined to spend his own money.     DONATE TO BOB CASEY.  See Len’s Political Note #581



Tammy Baldwin, grew up in Madison, raised mostly by her grandparents.  She came out as a Lesbian in college and, like Ruben Gallego, is on the leftish side of the Democratic party.  She is a particular advocate for the availability of health care and continues to be elected by Wisconsin voters.  She has raised $26.4 million and had $10.3 million available on March 31.

Eric Hovde, chairman and CEO of the West Coast bank Sunwest and the owner of other banks as well as a Wisconsin real estate business founded by his grandfather, finally announced that he would oppose her. Shortly afterwards, he made some rookie mistakes. It is not just that his bank was named as a co-defendant in an elder abuse lawsuit, he described nursing home residents as having a tenure of five or six months and as not being competent to vote.  Less offensive, but equally inaccurate, he ascribed increases in the national debt to spending, without taking into account huge Republican tax cuts.

A mid-June poll showed Tammy Baldwin leading by 2 points, 46 to 44. A  poll later in June found her ahead by 5, 52 – 47-39. DONATE TO TAMMY BALDWIN. Keep her in the lead.  See  Len’s Political Note #570

Democrats could flip a Republican Senate Seat. Here are some races to keep an eye on.

Nebraska – Union head Dan Osborn is a surprise. The leader of the Baker….and Grain Millers (BCTGM) local in Omaha, he was among the organizers of a multi-state strike against Kellogg in 2021. He is running as an independent and has some proposals (the right to repair, for instance) that would be unusual for a conventional candidate.    He began his campaign with no resources, raised $800,000, and on April 24 had $400,000.  The incumbent, Deb Fischer has raised $5.7 million and had $2.7 million on April 24. He’ll need the unions to help and a lot of grass roots support. Maybe help from the Democrats, too. There will be no serious Democratic candidate although one was nominated in the May 14 primary.

Fischer’s career has been sufficiently nondescript so that she was behind him in a poll last November by 2 points (40 to 38)  when no one knew who he was. Still a huge underdog, in an April poll he trailed by 4 points (33-37).  He could win. DONATE TO DAN OSBORN.  See Len’s Political Note #614

Florida – Former Member of Congress Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, came to the US when her mother brought her four daughters from Ecuador. Debbie Mucarsel moved from California to Florida, became a professional fund raiser for non-profits, and won an upset victory to Congress. She lost after a single term, but is back as a state and national favorite of the state and national Democratic Party leadership. She got her start, helping her mother make ends meet working in a donut shop.  Her opponent, the multimillionaire former Florida governor now Senator and the author of the plan to sunset social security and Medicare, that is, to require a vote every five years to continue those programs, made his money in health insurance, but got his start owning a donut shop.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell raised $7.3 million and had available $2.7 million on March 31. Scott raised $21 million and had available $3.8 million on March 31.Moreover, his deep pockets would allow him to add money at will if the money were needed.  One early June poll showed Debbie Mucarsel Powell behind by 13 points (46-33).  Another poll published on the same date showed her behind by 2 points (45 – 43).

DONATE TO DEBBIE MUCARSEL-POWELL. Put her in a position to win this election.    See Len’s Political Note #598


Texas – Congressman Colin Allred could defeat Incumbent Ted Cruz. A former NFL linebacker and civil rights lawyer, he was born and grew up in Texas, played his college football at Baylor, practiced law in Texas, and, has been a moderate Member of Congress. He flipped a Republican seat in 2018.  Now he is attempting to defeat the far right, most disliked member of the Senate, Ted Cruz.  Colin Allred has raised a total of $27.9 million and had $10.5 million on March 31.  Cruz raised $51 million and had $9.4 million remaining on March 31.  In an early June poll Colin Allred trailed by 11 points (45 – 34). In a late June poll, Cruz led by 3 points (45-42)  DONATE TO COLIN ALLRED. He is still in this race.  See Len’s Political Note #560

Missouri – Lucas Kunce is running again.  He lost in the primary in 2022. A marine veteran and national security expert, he accuses Incumbent Senator Josh Hawley of cowardice.  Hawley advocates and wrote a book about masculinity, but has been mocked for both supporting the January 6 insurrection and actually, physically running away from the insurrectionists.  Lucas Kunce had raised $7.7 million and had $3.3 million on March 31.  Hawley had raised $20.5 million and had $5.5 million on March 31.  A late June poll showed Lucas Kunce trailing Hawley by 9 points (47-38).  Do not quit on this race. DONATE TO LUCAS KUNCE. See Len’s Political Note #538

Tennessee – State Rep Gloria Johnson is known nationally as one of the three state reps who protested against the Tennessee House for refusing to debate a gun safety proposal.  Two young Black reps were expelled from the legislature; she was not, by a single vote.  She is running against Senator Marsha Blackburn – whose attacks on Democrats put her in a league with Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Rick Scott.  Gloria Johnson had raised $3.7 million; on March 31 she had $2 million.  Blackburn had raised $12.5 million; she had available $8.5 million on Mach 31.  A poll in early May had Gloria Johnson trailing by 11 points ( 51-40)

DONATE TO GLORIA JOHNSON. She is a long shot, but you have a chance to make Marsha Blackburn uncomfortable.  See Len’s Political Note #622

Indiana – Psychologist Valerie McCray is competing with Congressman Jim Banks for this open Republican Senate Seat.  She has a BA, MA, and PhD from the University of Michigan. She says she is running to make a better life for the kind of people she has worked with – veterans with PTSD, young people who have lived with violence, and the incarcerated in need of rehabilitation.  She says she will fight for women’s right to choose, unions and higher wages, equal rights for everyone including stronger. Public education.  Her opponent Jim Banks graduated from Indiana University and has an MBA from Grace College and Seminary. He was in the supply corps in the Navy Reserves and spent a year in Afghanistan. In Congress, he verged on being in the extreme – condemning Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for disparaging American troops when she remembered the PTSD she experienced. He sent requests for information e.  to various federal agencies claiming he was the ranking member of the January 6 committee – which, of course he was not.  He was not a member of the Committee

In the last US Senate election in Indiana, in 2022, Republican Todd Young won 59 to 38.  Banks has a vast lead in the money race.  On April 17, he had $2.9 million.  Valerie McCray had a touch over $1,000.  There is one surprise, though; really the only reason I thought she should be included.  The only poll for this race was in October.  Banks was leading her by a modest 9 points, 31-22.  DONATE.  You never know what will happen.


Support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

As we look toward November, 2024, Help sustain the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign.  Consider the polls in June.  Of sixteen polls between June 9 and June 21 four were even, Trump led in six, Biden led in four.

Every donation, large or small, makes a difference.  Larger donations mean more money for the campaign.  But many in the media count the number of small donations as a measure of enthusiasm for the candidate.  Make a small donation if you cannot afford a large one.  DONATE TO JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS.

See Len’s Political Note #605