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Political Note #308   Nancy Goroff NY CD 01

2020                             General El;ection

35.5 – 30.6. In 2018, Businessman Perry Gershon won the Democratic Primary against Kate Browning

51.5 – 47.4 In 2018, Incumbent Republican Lee Zeldin defeated Perry Gershon in the General Election

36.1 – 34.8 in 2020 Professor Nancy Goroff defeated Perry Gershon in the Democratic Primary

Can Nancy Goroff do better in the 2020 General Election?  Can she win the General Election?

Nancy Goroff has some experience in academic politics.  She graduated from Harvard University in 1990 – majoring in chemistry.  Ten years before Lawrence Summers became President of Harvard.  Fifteen years before Lawrence Summers explained that, because of genetic differences, women were worse at science than men.

She earned her doctorate in organic chemistry at UCLA in 1994.  A quick pace for completing a doctorate.  She did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan before joining the faculty at Stony Brook University.  She has served there as interim Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Provost, and chemistry department chair.  Among her projects are developing a roadmap for men and women to start and sustain careers in chemistry.  So much for Lawrence Summers.

Other projects Nancy Goroff has initiated or supervised include the development of batteries for storing solar energy and business partnerships through which students can innovate and find permanent jobs.  Internally, she led an effort to ensure that academic researchers at Stony Brook, previously denied health care coverage, would get health insurance.   So much for academic politics.

Nancy Goroff’s  interest in the regular political world comes because she sees her world in danger.  The Republican administration, supported by the local incumbent Congressman, ignores science; ignores facts.  The Republican administration is unwilling to address climate change.   Climate change is attacking her eastern Long Island home and Congressional District.  Like other districts along the American coasts, the people of Nancy Goroff’s NY 01 are facing a rise in the sea level and coastal erosion.

Nancy Goroff is running against Republican incumbent Lee Zeldin, first elected in 2014 at the age of 34.  Young man that he is, he found his mentor in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected president.  The policies he supports are very different from Nancy Goroff’s views. In the state senate he was a leader in setting a limit to the property tax, He opposed same sex marriage and opposed gun safety legislation.  In Congress he opposed the Common Core public school curriculum, the Paris Accord against climate change, the Affordable Care Act, and funding women’s health services including abortion.

Lee Zeldin’s behavior is Trump-like.  Reacting to recent gun violence in New York City, he demanded that Mayor William de Blasio be removed from office.  On the other hand, he wants to keep Confederate statues.  He’s a Fox News regular and has attacked Adam Schiff.

Nancy Goroff would be a breath of fresh air. That she is a scientist helps.  She understands what’s needed to fight Covid-19. Her approaches to health care and the environment are grounded in science.  She is an advocate for reforming the criminal justice system, for gun safety and for women.

Nancy Goroff needs help making her case.  She entered July with $300,000 to spend on the rest of her campaign. She has personal resources that will allow her to make a large contribution, but they may not be enough to offset the incumbent.   Lee Zeldin had $2.6 million at the beginning of July.  Every dollar you can give will make it possible to flip one more New York House district.  That is a goal worth targeting.

Below are Congressional seats Democrats are trying to flip from incumbent Republicans.  The ones with asterisks* ran in 2018.  In 2018, Democrats flipped 40 Republican seats in the House.  Let’s flip 20 more.

 Alaska AL                         Alyce Galvin* to defeat incumbent Don Young

Arizona 06                        Hiral Tipirneni* to defeat incumbent David Schweikert

Arkansas 02.                    Joyce Elliott to defeat incumbent French Hill

California 25.                    Christy Smith to defeat incumbent Mike Garcia who won the May special election.

California 50                     Ammar Campa-Hajjar* to win this now open Rep seat

Colorado 03                      Diane Mitsch Bush to in this now open Republican seat

Florida 15                         Adam Hattersley to defeat incumbent Ross Spano

Florida 16                         Margaret Good to defeat incumbent Vern Buchanan

Georgia 07                       Carolyn Bordeaux* to win this open seat

Illinois 13                          Betsy Dirksen Londrigen* to defeat Rodney Davis

Indiana 05                        Christina Hale to win this open Republican seat

Iowa 04                            JD Scholten* to win this open seat

Kansas 02                        Michelle De La Isla to defeat incumbent Steve Watkins

Michigan 03.                    Hillary Scholten to win this open seat

Michigan 06                     Jon Hoadley to defeat incumbent Fred Upton

Minnesota 01                   Dan Feehan* to defeat incumbent Jim Hagedorn

Missouri 02                      Jill Schupp to defeat incumbent Ann Wagner

Montana AL                     Kathleen Williams* to win this open Republican seat

Nebraska 02.                   Kara Eastman to defeat incumbent Don Bacon

New York 01                    Nancy Goroff to defeat. Incumbent Lee Zeldin

New York 02                    Jackie Gordon to win this open Republican seat

New York 21                    Tedra Cobb* to defeat incumbent Elise Stefanic

New York 24                    Dana Balter* to defeat incumbent John Katko

North Carolina 09.           Cynthia Wallace to defeat incumbent Dan Bishop

Pennsylvania 01              Christina Finello to defeat incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick

Pennsylvania 10              Eugene DePasquale to defeat incumbent Scott Perry

Texas 02                         Sima Ladjervardian to defeat incumbent Dan Crenshaw

Texas 21                         Wendy Davis to defeat incumbent Chip Roy

Texas 22                         Sri Preston Kalkuri to win this open Republican seat

Texas 23                          Gina Ortiz Jones* to win this open Republican seat

Texas 24                          Candace Valenzuela to win this open Republican seat

Virginia 05                       B. Cameron Webb to win this open Republican seat

Washington 03                 Carolyn Long* to defeat incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler

Wisconsin 07                   Tricia Zunker to defeat incumbent Tom Tiffany who won the May Special Election