081519   The New York Times on August 3. T

Bret Stephens: Praise for Anthony Kronman’s book “The Assault on American Excellence.” Kronman apparently expresses contempt for the struggle against renaming Calhoun College complains about a “Maoist struggle against a distinguished professor,” is dismayed by opposition to the term “master.” Stephens’ praise is half-hearted, though. He explains Kronman’s “career is behind is behind him.” Stephens does not convince me.  He does not allow for the possibility that Yale should not have a college named after John Calhoun, the defender of slavery and state nullification. Stephens seems pretty quick to support use of the term “Maoist” for Yale students. Will you read Kronman’s book. If you do, will you find a thoughtful commentary or vilification?

Christopher Caldwell:  Condemntation of 16 year old Greta Thunberg. He condemns her plan to sail to New York. She is sailing to demonstrate her commitment to halting climate change. Caldwell is unconvinced. He complains that she is not providing a thoughtful commentary. Instead, he says she simplifies. He wants her to debate. Instead, she is proving to be a 16 year old master of publicity. “Kids her age have not seen much of life,” says Caldwell. He has to do better than that if he is going to have a thoughtful debate with a 16 year old.