So for, at least, for 2020, the Justice Democrats are not making endorsements that endanger the Democratic majority in the House. They are not targeting Democrats in Republican or purple districts.   Here are their endorsements.

Betsy Sweet for the US Senate in Maine. There is an incumbent here. A Republican Senator who Democrats would love to defeat.

Marie Newman for IL 03. The District is so Democratic that the Republicans ran a Nazi against incumbent Dan Lipinski. Lipinski is a bright, pro union guy; but is opposed to women’s reproductive rights. And to gay marriage.

Jessica Cisneros for TX 28. This is another overwhelmingly Democratic district. The incumbent Henry Cuellar is another bright guy opposed to women’s reproductive rights. He is also a favorite of the NRA.

Cori Bush for MO 01.Democrats have been opposing incumbent Lacy Clay for years, ever since his father gifted him the seat. Primary opposition to him is more a good government effort than an ideological battle.

Jamaal Bowman for NY 16. There are two possible reasons for opposing progressive incumbent Eliot Engel. Ethnic changes in the district. African Americans are now a plurality in the district. There are almost as many Hispanics as whites. For those who think he should not be primaried, Engel became a member of congress by defeating Mario Biaggi in a primary. The other possible reason is less appealing. As Chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee, he is very supportive of Israel, supporting recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, for instance.

Mainstream Democrats should not be afraid.