Apparently it is all Saikat Chakrabarti’s fault. Maureen Dowd says so. Others, too. He is leading Alexandria down the garden path.  We are back to blaming women’s behavior on men.   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY 14) is the Member of Congress.  Chakrabarti is her chief of staff. Ocasio-Cortez is responsible for her staff.

She could fire him if she wanted. Maybe she should. He was out of line.  As a Congressional staffer, he has no business making public comments — right or wrong.  And he was wrong.  Moderate Democrats are crucial to a Democratic majority. They are nothing like the segregationists of the past.

Mainstream Democrats should be wary of being primaried.

Winning primaries is part of the business. My state senator, later my congressman teased a little about teachers’ tenure, about school superintendents’ tenure which the state legislature eventually abolished. He reminded us that state reps and state senators had to get reelected every two years.  They did not have tenure.

The Justice Democrats endorsements are not threatening moderate Democrat incumbents in districts where a Republican could get elected.

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