Reflections on the site visits, on the world they live in, and the world we all live in.

After one of the site visits to one of the struggling day care centers whose owners want to create a preschool, I went to a Gallery Talk at a local museum. We bought tickets month ago and were meeting a friend. The group at the talk was upscale. The speaker was as much an art dealer as she was an art expert. What a contrast to the preschools at the bottom floor of houses.

The life I observed evoked two pieces of fiction. The Japanese movie Parasite contrasts the life of a young, wealthy family and the family of servants that inveigles themselves into their lives – with a horrific ending. PBS is doing a mini-series of EM Forster’s “Howard’s End.” This story contrasts the life of a wealthy British businessman, a family of Bohemians he becomes connected to, and a poverty stricken family that had become connected to the Bohemians by chance. This ending, too, is horrific.

What about us? Rich and poor in the USA. Do we have a horrific end in store?