2017       General Election     Elected 63 — 37

 Flipping Virginia’s House of Delegates

 Lyndon Johnson got himself a nickname after his first Senate victory — Landslide Lyndon.  Jennifer Carroll Foy has had her very own landslide.  Her primary victory is a teaching tool about the importance of everyone voting.  After a recount in which she gained two votes, she won the Democratic primary by twelve.  This is an open, formerly Republican seat in Prince William and Stafford Counties. Hillary Clinton carried it with 56% of the vote.  If Jennifer Carroll Foy https://www.jennifercarrollfoy.org/ can win the general election by 12 votes, that would be enough.

Jennifer Caroll Foy has this election opportunity now because Virginia has its state elections in odd years.  This November, Virginians will be voting for statewide offices and House of Delegate Seats.  Democrats would like to keep the Governor’s office and  flip the Virginia House of Delegates from Republican to Democrat.  They would need to flip seventeen seats — a lot.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton carried seventeen districts with Republican Delegates — a lot.  These seats, including HD 02, are the Democratic targets. 

Jennifer Caroll Foy is a graduate of VMI.  That alone is news.  She is one of the first African-American women to graduate from the Virginia Military Institute.  Graduating from VMI is a demonstration of her courage and persistence, qualities she continues to demonstrate in her work.  A public defender in Arlington, she has started a Foundation to support children in foster care.  No small challenge for her, VA 02 is a 95% white district.  She does have one surprise advantage.  Although the recount forced her to have a late start in the general election, her Republican opponent had a later start.  He is a substitute, required because the original Republican candidate falsified his educational credentials. 

Jennifer Caroll Foyhas taken positions in the race:

  • criminal justice reform (her field))  — end the school to prison pipeline, decriminilize possession of marijuana, and eliminate drivers license suspension as a penalty for failure to pay fees
  • education — pay teachers reasonable salaries
  • low income workers — ensure a  living wage for all
  • health care —  expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act 
  • women’s health care —  oppose attempts to roll back women’s healthcare
  • the environment —  ensure that  Dominion Power cannot pollute at Possum Point
  • transportation – get commuters more family time by fixing a broken transportation system

This is a winnable district. It has flipped before.  Republicans have won two of the last three Delegate elections; Democrats one.   Provide some resources that will allow Jennifer Carrol Foy https://www.jennifercarrollfoy.org/ to win.  The election is two months away and every dollar counts.  Help her with some resources so she can win a victory that is more than twelve votes.