2018       General Election      Withdrew

 Nevertheless, she persisted.  There is no Democratic member of Congress for whom this phrase is more appropriate than Carol Shea-Porter (http://www.sheaporter.com/ ). Victor in the 2016 election by 4904 votes out of a total of more than 365,000 votes cast.  She ran for NH 01 in 2006 and won; did it again in 2008; lost in 2010; ran and won in 2012; lost in 2014; and won for a fourth time in 2016. 

In these political notes, I have urged support for three Senators (Heitkamp of North Dakota, McCaskill of Missouri, and Donnelly of Indiana).  Even in the hoped for  Democratic wave in 2018, they could be vulnerable.  They must stay in the Senate if there is a chance for it to become Democratic.  The task is tougher in the House.  I have identified ten Democratic members of the House who won by fewer than 17,000 votes in 2016.  They are as vulnerable as the Senators and their victories are as important.  Carol Shea-Porter won by the third closest margin of all House Democrats in 2016.  As with the Senators, for an election in November, 2018, the best financial support is a monthly donation.  Then Shea-Porter can count on it.

Carol Shea-Porter is a University of New Hampshire graduate with a BA in social services and a Master’s Degree in public administration.  She graduated from Oyster River High School in New Hampshire.  Daughter of a Republican WW II veteran who was grateful for his education through the GI Bill, she had two transformative experiences that moved her to the kind of politics that supports competent government action:  observing the ravages of war on Vietnam veterans in her husband’s work in an army medical center and the ravages of the weather and government inattention while volunteering in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Carol Shea-Porter had returned to New Hampshire with her army officer husband and two children and became active in politics — supporting Wesley Clark for President and subsequently, supporting John Kerry.  As a candidate, preceding the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, she refused to take financial support from Corporate PACS or lobbyists.  She has relied on small donations and get out the vote efforts.

Carol Shea-Porter gains some votes in New Hampshire by being a direct descendant of the Continental Army general who coined the phrase which has been New Hampshire’s state motto:  “Live Free or Die.”  As a Congresswoman, she supported environmental issues by supporting “Cap and Trade” and opposing the Keystone pipeline. She has supported health issues by opposing limitations on abortion and opposing any delays in the ACA.  Notwithstanding her unconventional approach to elections, Ballotpedia describes her voting record as that of a rank and file Democrat.

 Take a look at Carol Shea-Porter’s website.  Learn a little about her and consider providing her with support:   (http://www.sheaporter.com/.