2018                   Primary                         Won     52 — 48

2018                   General Election           Lost     52 — 48

Upset, Upset, Upset —

Kara Eastman’s opponent had no opposition in the primary.  That’s what it seemed like.  I wrote a Note supporting Kara Eastman ‘s primary opponent because it looked like he would be the Democratic nominee.  Turns out, he had serious opposition. Kara Eastman eastmanforcongress.com/ beat him in the primary.

This seat in Republican Nebraska is often a toss up.  If Kara Eastman is to be successful in the general election, she’ll need some  money.  She started 2018 with $73,000 cash in hand, approximately one tenth of the Republican incumbent’s cash.

Kara Eastman has some things to work with.  Good judgment.  An admirable career. On her website at the top of her bio, it says Haz clic aquí para obtener más información sobre Kara Eastman.

Good judgment.  This district, which includes Omaha, is more than 10% Hispanic.  It is also just short of 10% African American. 

Kara Eastman is a midwesterner, a Nebraskan.  She recalls her great uncle, who was head of the carpenter’s union in Chicago, her uncles and grandfather who served in Vietnam and WW II.  She notes her husband, who teaches where they met, at Creighton University — Nebraska’s Jesuit Catholic University.  ……Kara Eastman refers to her single mother who, along with her grandparents, raised her.  As a child, she told her mother she intended to save the world.  She is working on that. ……Kara Eastman has been CEO of the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA).  Focused on combating lead poisoning, the organization expands its work by addressing the context in which lead poisoning happens. 

OHKA describes its mission: 

… to bring awareness and education to families in the city about environmental hazards, green and Healthy Homes, and lead poisoning…..We strive to create environmental equality in Omaha for all by offering education on health hazards in the home, tenant legal rights, environmental testing, and information on the community resources available in the city.

Kara Eastman helped OHKA focus on the context for lead poisoning — the need for education, for environmental equality, for legal rights, and for a commitment to change.  Kara Eastman was saving the world in Omaha.

Kara Eastman took a leave of absence to run Congress.  She brings her focus on the context that causes lead poisoning to her campaign for Congress.  Kara Eastman would work on saving the world in Washington.

Right wing organizations, like Breitbart, have welcomed her as as an extreme liberal candidate.  Let’s see how extreme she is.

She has positions on a bunch of issues.  Some of those positions are expressed in a few words:1. Decriminalize marijuana2. Pass the Dream Act.  Do not deport these people.3. Expand the availability of paid sick leave including family sick leave.4. Fund and staff the State Department5. Raise the cap on social security.6. Make corporations pay their fair share of taxes7. Prevent addiction and mental illness through services rather than prison.

Other positions require more than a few words — even when summarized.1. Her focus on gun safety includes universal background checks, mandatory waiting periods, and the ban on the sale of weapons of war.  She quotes Justice Scalia’s statement that the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is not unlimited.2. Her focus on personal safety includes a vision of Medicare for all and requirements that the pharmaceutical industry charges lower prices for medications.

3. Her focus on education includes support for K-12 education opposition to charter schools, elimination of university tuition for children for families with less than $125,000 annual income, and a solution to the college debt problem.4. Her focus on the business and social climate is fueled by a vision of prosperity and equality — increased corporate social responsibility and infrastructure investments, increased minimum wage, a fairer tax system, acceptance of those who are marginalized, equality for women including control over their own lives.5. Her focus oncreating a better world (Is she already compromising by not promising to save the world?) is on fairness in politics and government (an end to gerrymandering, reducing the importance of money in politics) and on minimizing the impact of climate change (reduced reliance on fossil fuels, return to the Paris agreement). 

Kara Eastman’s eastmanforcongress.com/ success in the primary was an extreme shock. Her views are not extreme. The Democratic party needs people with her views in Congress.  Keep her going.  Help her win. Give her money.  A victory in this Nebraska district would be a big deal.

There is a special election in Ohio on August 7.  Danny O’Connor, Franklin County Recorder won the primary to be the Democratic candidate in Ohio 12.  This Tilt R district election should be close. Youthful and popular O’Connor has a real chance.  A little help can go a long way.  A victory would make him the incumbent in November when he and his opponent run against each other again.