Do you remember Ollie North? He was a central figure in the Iran-Contra Scandal under Ronald Reagan. He testified about it before Congress. After he had been immunity. Prosecutor did not want him to be given immunity. As it is, he was convicted of three felonies. The convictions were thrown out on appeal. Ollie North is now north of 75. By just a few months.

North had been President of the NRA. Fox six months before he was fired. Wayne LePierre, the eminence gris of the NRA described North as a great communicator. That’s what they had in mind for him – to speak to the American public.

North was more assertive than that. He was forming a committee to examine complaints about LePierre and the NRA’s financial improprieties. North was siding with Ackermann McQueen, NRA’s advertisers. The New York Attorney General’s office is not siding with the NRA. Its investigation could lead to the NRA losing its non-profit status. Will it find criminal activity besides?

The NRA is running out of money – spending more than its annual revenue of over $400 million six years out of ten.

LePierre had accused North of dividing the NRA. How divided is it now? Will divisions threaten the two main sources of the NRA’s revenue – membership dues and corporate donations?

LePierre needs to focus on declining membership, declining revenue, and legal danger.