More than forty years ago. A principal and I scheduled a meeting after school in her office at her school. Should the music teacher be awarded tenure? The music teacher guessed. She camped herself outside the office. She shouted a little, cried a little. She helped us make a decision.

New York Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill will make a decision. Deputy Police Commissioner Rosemarie Maldanado reported on the disciplinary hearing for Daniel Pantaleo. The hearing found he used an illegal choke hold and killed Eric Garner attempting to subdue him five years ago. Pantaleo was arresting Garner for selling cigarettes illegally. Garner insisted he wasn’t selling cigarettes and resisted. I don’t need to say this. Pantaleo is white. Garner was black.

Patrick Lynch, head of the Police Benevolent Society excoriated Mayor William de Blasio. He cited de Blasio’s public remarks as advice to O’Neill to fire Pantaleo. Lynch claimed no police officer would be able to fulfill his or her duty if Pantaleo is fired