Elizabeth Warren – A Foreign Policy for All

  1. Strengthen labor standards in foreign trade agreements and enforce those agreements
  2. A strong military
    1. Be vigilant about threats of terrorism, but bring troops home
      1. Make sure they get the benefits they have earned
    2. Cut the bloated defense budget
      1. End the stranglehold of defense contractors on military policy
    3. Policies that undermine workers at home erode out strength abroad

Joe Biden – nothing on this topic on his website.

Bernie Sanders – Enact a Reponsible, Comprehensive Foreign Policy

  1. Implement a foreign policy that focuses on democracy, human rights, diplomacy and peach and economic fairness
  2. Allow Congress to reassert its constitutional role in warmaking
  3. End interventions and bring our troops home.
  4. End US support for the Saudi led intervention in Yemen
  5. Rejoin the nuclear agreement with Iran and open talks on other issues
  6. Work with pro-democracy forces around the world.

Kamala Harris — American Leadership Home and Abroad

  1. Restore our partnership with NATO and key partners like Japan, India, Mexico, and Korea. We are at our best when we work in partnership with others.
  2. Prepare for the new threats: cyber-security, climate change, white supremacists at home.
  3. Fortify critical infrastructure beginning with elections
  4. Continue support for Israel and work toward a two state solution
  5. Prioritize the needs of service members and veterans (reverse the ban on transgender service members).

Pete Buttigieg – a foreign policy that puts the values, goals, and national security interests of American citizens above personal political interests.

  1. Restore American credibility
  2. A new and higher standard for the deployment of US military force
  3. End endless war
  4. Focus on future threats like climate security
  5. Reverse the rise of authoritarianism and revitalize democratic capitalism