Rebuild the Middle Class

  1. Workers elect 40% of Company board members
  2. Strong anti-trust enforcement
  3. Stop giant tax giveaways to giant corporations; ask the people who have gained the most to pay their fair share.
  4. Ultra-millionaire tax on the 75,000 wealthiest Americans
  5. Universal child care
  6. Student loan relief
  7. Invest in housing sufficiently so that rent is reduced by 10% and 1.5 million new jobs are created.

Joe Biden

  1. Restore the bargain between workers and employers, when you work hard you share in the prosperity; restore the dignity of work.
  2. Education that will ensure that every American has the skills they need and the opportunity to update their skills.
  3. Build on the Affordable Care Act to ensure that every American has access to quality, affordable health care
  4. Turbocharge efforts to address climate change and ensure that every American has access to clean drinking water, clean air, and an environment free from pollutants
  5. Reform the criminal justice system to prioritize prevention, eliminate racial disparities, and get rid of inappropriate sentencing practices.
  6. Stronger labor laws and a tax code that rewards the middle class
  7. Enforce existing trade laws and invest in the competitiveness of workers
  8. Pursue a humane immigration policy that strengthens our economy and secures our borders.

Bernie Sanders

  1. Fight for working families
    1. Raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour
    2. Universal childcare and pre-kindergarden
    3. Equal pay
    4. Paid family leave, medical leave, sick leave, and vacation for all
    5. Simplify joining unions
    6. Make quality education a right
    7. A green jobs program
  2. Jobs for all
    1. Rebuild crumbling infrastructure
    2. Additional services for seniors as well as child care and pre-kindergarden
  3. The Wealthy and corporations pay their fair share
    1. Progressive estate tax
    2. Eliminate off shore tax scams
    3. Tax Wall Street speculators
    4. Scrap the cap on social security payroll taxes
    5. End tax breaks on capital gains and dividends for the top 1%
    6. Increase the marginal tax rate on income above $10 million
    7. Close tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy and large corporations.

Kamala Harris

  1. Economic Justice
    1. Reverse the Trump tax cut
    2. $15 per hour minimum wage
    3. Empower unions
    4. Penalize companies that cheat their workers
    5. Tax credit for renters who pay 30% or more of their income on rent
  2. Medicare for All
  3. Raise teacher pay
  4. Debt free college; refinance current student debt
  5. Repair the systematic inequalities that people of color face

Pete Buttigieg

  1. Medicare for all who want it.
  2. Debt free college, confront student loan debt, support for students entering public service, accountability for universities, strict standards for for-profits
  3. Infrastructure investment
  4. Overhaul federal rules regarding arbitration, regulate predatory lenders, strengthen anti-trust, revive CFPB enforcement, and fight big data discrimination
  5. Create a commission to examine reparations
  6. Invest in teachers
  7. Ensure gender equity and reproductive rights
  8. Support organized labor
  9. Support LGBTQ right