I have written notes about electing State Supreme Court judges in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  That’s not what happens in the US Courts, but it does happen in many other courts.

New York does not elect members of its highest appeals court. But it does elect trial court judges.  Oddly, the principal trial court in New York is called the Supreme Court.  Judges for this court are elected to 14 year terms.

Political parties select their nominees for election.  The Parties nominate through a Judicial convention.  I am a delegate to the New York County convention, representing the 76th Assembly District.  We have two active political clubs in the 76th Assembly District.  The clubs agreed to each nominate half the delegates to which the District is entitled and half the alternates.  So I had no opposition in my candidacy to be a delegate and was elected in the Democratic Primary.

As part of the work, the several delegates from our club met, via Zoom, with several of the candidates for what is now four vacant positions.

Half hour interviews that resemble a job interview.  Even within the limits of a half-hour, we did get to learn something about each candidate.  If we get it right, all of the Delegates from our Club will agree on our top rated candidate and we will be influential at the Convention.  While we agree on our top four, we have to work on our ranking.  Our last vote about choosing how to rank a couple lf candidates let to a 6-6 tie.

Democracy in action.