Joe Biden’s campaign.  Soft start.  Gradual increase.  Various instruments carrying the melody.  The goal is a crescendo at the beginning of November.

Pay attention to this political pace.

March 2: Pete Buttigieg endorses Joe Biden

March 3: Amy Klobuchar endorses Joe Biden

March 8: Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden

April 8:  Bernie Sanders suspends his campaign.

April 13:  Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden

April 14:  Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden

April 15: Elizabeth Warren endorses Joe Biden

April 22: Al Gore endorses Joe Biden

April 28: Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden

That’s not all an increased crescendo.  The loudest occurred on April 13, 14, and 15.  The orchestration continues.

April 30: Biden campaign announces Vice Presidential selection committee.

May 5:  Announcement that Barack and Michelle Obama will give high school commencement speech

May 13: Biden campaign announces joint policy committees with Bernie Sanders

May 16: Barack and Michelle Obama do High School Graduation for All

It will get louder.  More triumphant