A Democratic Senate. An overwhelmingly Democratic Senate

Alabama                     Senator Doug Jones reelected. His most recent poll shows him leading every Republican competing in the primary to defeat him. (Still down 3 seats)

Arizona                       Ex Astronaut Mark Kelly. Gabby Giffords husband. Gun safety advocate. He is a narrow favorite to oust appointee Martha McSally (Win this, we are down 2 seats)

Colorado                     Probably Governor John Hickenlooper. He still has a primary to get through. The incumbent, Corey Gardner, is considered the most vulnerable Republican incumbent Senator. (Win this, we are down 1 seat)

North Carolina           Environmentalist and businessman Cal Cunningham is a toss up for winning. His opponent, incumbent Thom Tillis, is unpopular for his flip flopping. (Win this, we are even).

Maine                         State House Minority Leader Sara Gideon has inched up to be a toss up against incumbent Susan Collins.   Her support for Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court will never be forgotten. (Win this, we are up one.)

Iowa                            Civic Leader Theresa Greenfield is widely respected. She still needs to get through a primary. She will be running against Joni Ernst whose campaign explaining she grew up castrating hogs is remembered vividly and has worn thin. (Win this, we are up two)

Alaska                         Orthopedist and commercial fisherman Al Gross is an independent, endorsed by the Democratic Party. He will not face an opponent in the Democratic Party. He has a good shot to defeat the not particularly memorable incumbent Dan Sullivan. (Win this, we are up three.)

Kansas                        Ex Republican State Senator Barbara Bollier is part of a trend; Kansas Republican moderates revolting against Kansas’s extreme Republican Party. There is a primary among Republicans for this open seat. Ex Secretary of State Kris Kobach would be the exemplar of the extreme in the Republican Party there. (Win this, we are up four)

Kentucky                    Former Navy Fighter Pilot Amy McGrath is running against the Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Could there be a sweeter victory than defeating Moscow Mitch. (Win this, we are up five)

Georgia B                    Businessman Matt Lieberman, son of conservative Democrat and John McCain pal Joe Lieberman is running for a seat to which the Governor appointed, over the objections of President Trump, extremely wealthy Kelly Loeffler. She may not hold this seat in a primary, let alone the general election. (Win this seat, we are up six).

South Carolina           Party Leader Jaime Harrison is running against Lindsay Graham. If Harrison wins, South Carolina would have two African American Senators – a Republican and a Democrat. (Win this seat, we are up seven).

Georgia A                    Film maker and former congressional staffer Jon Ossoff is running against incumbent David Perdue. He has three primary opponents and may not get the nomination. He is the only one known nationally, appreciated for softening up GA CD 06 so that it could be won by the next Democrat running. (Win this seat, we are up eight).

Impossible, right? Improbable. But there are even more Senate seats that could be competitive.