I am liking Elizabeth Warren more and more. Her focus on policy is right and she is doing it right. We still should feel loosely coupled to our favorites. Willing to let go of them if they are not going to be the nominee. Willing to avoid quarrels about our candidates.

I do not mean this as a quarrel. I will take some of the Elizabeth Warren proposals and compare them to proposals from the other candidates:

First: End Washington Corruption

  1. Close loopholes so all lobbyists must register
  2. Ban foreign governments from hiring DC lobbyists
  3. Ban Senators and Congressmen from trading stocks while in office
  4. Ban Senators and Congressmen from lobbying for life
  5. Code of ethics for Justices of the Supreme Court
  6. Require every candidate for federal office put tax returns on line

Joe Biden – Nothing on his website

Bernie Sanders — Get big money out of politics

  1. Restore the voting rights act
  2. Automatic voter registration
  3. Overturn Citizens United
  4. End racist voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering
  5. Re-enfranchise those with felony convictions
  6. Make election day a national holiday
  7. Abolish super PACs
  8. Public funding of elections in a way that amplifies small-dollar donations

Kamala Harris

  1. Fight voter suppression
  2. Take on special interests
  3. Protect elections from foreign hackers and adversaries
  4. Fund election security

Pete Buttigieg

  1. Small donor matching system for federal elections
  2. Strengthen FEC
  3. Overturn Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo
  4. Establish independent, statewide redistricting commissions
  5. Political representation for DC and Puetro Rico
  6. Replace the Electoral College with a national popular vote
  7. Depoliticize the Supreme Court by restructuring: 10 confirmed normally, 5 approved by the other ten