There is only a little bit to learn from April elections. There were not many elections with so much postponed until, as governors hoped, Covid-19 would no longer be a problem.

Judge Jill Karofsky’s election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court suggests that, despite the legislature’s effort to suppress the vote, Democrats can win state-wide elections.  Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beaty’s 2-1 success in the primary for OH 03 demonstrated what?  That Morgan Harper was no Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez?  That insurgent, reformist campaigns against establishment African-American Members of Congress are not as likely to succeed as they are against white male Members of Congress.

Keeisi Mfume’s 3-1 victory over a Republican in the special election for MD 07 demonstrated something we know – predominantly black districts vote Democratic.

One more thing demonstrated in April.  Shannon Freshou’s victory in the Democratic primary in OH 04 demonstrated how bad Len Lubinsky’s judgment can be.  I thought that comedian and producer Mike Larsen was interesting enough, smart enough, and could generate enough money to be a contender against the incumbent, the odious Jim Jordan.  That proved to be entirely wrong.  Mike Larsen ran third in the primary won by paralegal Shannon Freshou.