Station Eleven.  That a book by Emily St. John Mandel.  Prescient, but extreme.  At least I hope it is extreme.  It was written in 2014 and described as science fiction.  It is about a pandemic.  A killer flu called the Georgian Flu.  The name is because it was first identified in Georgia.  Western countries complain that Georgia and Russia covered up how deadly it was.

And it was deadly.  So deadly that it ended civilization as we know it.   No electricity. Nothing powered by gas or oil.  Hamlets settled around old truck stops.  Not many people left.

In 2017 it was picked up as a miniseries by CBSViacom. Unsurprisingly, there is a revived interest in her book. A few days ago, May 19, it was the book and the author were the topic for the Los Angeles Times’s Book Club.

Oh.  By the way.  St. John Mandel’s newest book, The Glass Hotel.  It is about a financial crisis.

Look for either one of those books.  I have begun reading Station Eleven