A conservative correspondent wrote:  Will this (the recently published Ukraine conversations) be a campaign issue along with Tara Reade, Green New Dea, Universial Pre-K, Medicare for All, eliminating student debt, BDS, and reparations??

I wrote in response:

Regarding Ukraine, it was openly US policy to replace a previous corrupt prosecutor.

Regarding Tara Reade (who we haven’t heard from for a little while now), her claims are falling apart as people who knew her when discuss her unreliability.

Regarding the Green New Deal, we haven’t heard much about that either as AOC moves toward the center.  (Not far, since the Democratic center has moved left, but she is gradually becoming part of the Democratic establishment)

Regarding Universal Pre-K, the Republicans won’t go far on that.  I’m an advocate myself.  Was in Massachusetts.  Worked reviewing Pre-K programs here in NY.

Regarding eliminating student debt (at least the first $XXX amount) would be a big deal economically.  Even before the current pandemic/economic crisis, student debt was keeping young families from the housing market.  Reducing student debt would create opportunities for young families.

Regarding Medicare for all (while that is not my position and not Biden’s position, it is preferable to abolishing the Affordable Care Act altogether, which is what Trump is suing to get done).  Moving toward getting everyone health insurance — that is a pretty good goal.

Regarding BDS.  Can you count on one hand the number of Democratic Members of Congress who support that?

Regarding reparations?  What should be done to address the differential in family property wealth that is a product of red lining?  How much has your property increased in value?  That doesn’t even address slavery.

I am glad I do not have a candidate whose lies are counted in the thousands, whose connection with Russia is almost certainly for his personal gain rather than for the good of our country, whose only metric for how the country is doing is the stock market.  And, most important currently, is trying to blame China for making the United States the epicenter of the coronavirus when it was actually his own fault.  There is a great article in the Financial Times from a little more than a week ago outlining Trump’s responsibility.  Oh.  one more thing.  Norma McCorvey’s (Jane Roe) confession that she was paid to claim she was opposed to abortions doesn’t help conservatives anywhere.

Another time, I’ll post the response I got.