Whatcha going to do? The House could go to Court. That shouldn’t take more than six months to get to the Supreme Court. Maybe more than six months

Skip the Courts? Is there an obligation? Adjudicate at a lower level. Then go up the line.  I don’t think so.

Is there a Court that would interfere with the House of Representative’s impeachment process? The House make its own rules for impeachment. Impeachment is the rough equivalent of an indictment by a Grand Jury.

Trump’s lawyer claims the process is unfair. The president doesn’t have a lawyer there. His lawyer can’t cross-examine. In a Grand Jury, the prospective defendant’s lawyer can’t enter the room. In the House of Representatives, there Republican Representatives ask questions. Court is where Trump wants to be. Don’t go there.

Maybe go to court to get the inappropriately classified transcripts of phone calls. Those are the rough equivalent to Nixon’s tapes.

Documents are not forthcoming. Witnesses don’t show up. Does the House need the documents or the witnesses? Trump misbehaves in public. He has asked a foreign power for help publically twice. His request to Ukraine was made public.   When behavior is not hidden, people think it is routine, acceptable, non-criminal. But Trump’s visible behavior has been criminal. The House will have plenty of information.

And the Senate? Won’t they create their own rules? Dismiss the impeachment claims within a week or two. Maybe.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides. Does he set the rules? We may have a little constitutional crisis between the Chief Justice and Senate if the Senate creates injudicious rules.