100919 Corporations that pollute

Most of this information is from the Guardian newspaper, which attributes it to Richard Heede at the Climate Accountability Institute . The top ten sources of pollution include six state owned businesses and four investor owned corporations . Names of heads are included because, as Mitt Romney once said, Corporations are people, too.

Company Ownership Board Chair or CEO Billion tons of carbon dioxide since 1965
Saudi Aramco State Owned – Saudi Arabia HE Yassir Othman Al-Rumayyan 59.26
Chevron Investor Owned Michael K (Mike) Wirth 43.35
Gazprom State Owned – Russia Viktor Zubkov 42.23
ExxonMobil Investor Owned Darren W. Woods 41.19
National Iranian Oil State Owned – Iran National Oil Minister:   Bijan Zanganeh 35.66
BP (AKA British Petroleum) Investor Owned Bob Dudley (to step down to be replaced by Bernard Looney) 34.02
Royal Dutch Shell Investor Owned Ben van Beurden 31.95
Coal India State Owned – India Shri Anil Kumar Jha 23.12
Pemex State Owned — Mexico Secretary of Energy: Norma Rocio Nahle Garcia 22.65
Petroleos de Venezuela State Owned — Venezuela Minister of Petroleum: Manuel Quevedo 15.75