4/7. Tlaib’s opponent

Rashida Tlaib is getting some primary opposition.  Well deserved.  We all remember her start.  “Impeach the Mother…….. “  Not that I didn’t appreciate the sentiment. Not that I’ve never heard the word before.  It was out of place..

I would not have expected Tlaib to support  Israel.  Her support for a one state solution, though, promises nothing but heartache.  It promises fights about which Jews can stay in Israel and which cannot, which Arabs are eligible to return and which are not.

Tlaib’s primary opponent is Brenda Jones, President of the Detroit City Council.  Jones lost to Tlaib in 2018 31-30.  The other candidates were, like Brenda Jones, African American.  This is a majority African American district.  A Brenda Jones victory would not be an upset.

Don’t get too excited though.  This is not a victory for a Member of Congress who will be an ally of American Jews or Israel.  She may be an ally of Louis Farrakhan.  Jones has sponsored a resolution commending Farrakhan’s newspaper.  And Farrakhan has praised her.

Of course, you can’t prevent someone from praising you.  Jones’s praise may have been for something praiseworthy like assisting the police in keeping order in schools, not for Farrakhan’s attacks on Jews.  We may find that replacing Rasheda Tlaib with Brenda Jones is not much progress.