Whack a mole requires a a mallet and a machine with five holes on top. Each hole has a plastic mole. Machinery moves the moles up and down, the moles popping out of their holes randomly. The player hits a mole with the mallet. Makes the mole go back into its hole. But the moles keep popping up.

Trump is a whack a mole player. He keeps trying. Mystifying us while he plays. In a single day, Trump

  • Put tariffs on Argentina and Brazil for steel and aluminum because the value of each country’s currency was going down.
  • Removed sanctions on Lebanon. He did not explain why. Of course, he had not explained the reasons for the sanctions in the first place.
  • Threatened French wines with a 100% tariff. Trump explained that. France was about to impose taxes on tech companies.
  • Announced progress in the trade war with China. Progress is announced almost every day.

Whack a mole. Do we benefit from Trump playing that game?  Do California wine makers benefit? (Trump would not want to help California.) Do Italian wine makers benefit? How about Hungarian wine makers? (Trump would help Hungarians if he could.)

Whack a mole. Is this a way to run the international economy? Or is this a way to ruin the international economy?