2018 Primary Lost 54 — 46

An insurgent librarian —

What’s the right preparation for the New York State Senate?  Cornell?  Aide to a liberal Congressman? Town Clerk? That would be David Carlucci — the incumbent member of the Independent Democratic Caucus (the former, present and future IDC).

Julie Goldberg’s https://juliefornysenate.com/ preparation to be a state senator?  Rutgers.  English teacher.  Married to Martin Springer — another English teacher.  Librarian at the Finklestein Memorial Library.  Media specialist (that is librarian for those unaccustomed to public school language) at the Northern Highlands Regional High School in New Jersey. 

With a post-truth and Fake News President, a librarian schooled in looking things up and trained to encourage kids to read is a comfort.   A New Jersey English teacher?  Which is the greater sin for a candidate for the New York State Senate?  Work in New Jersey or be a member of the IDC?

The Independent Democratic Caucus (IDC) has been organizing the New York Senate with the Republicans.  That has meant the Republicans control the Senate, the agenda of the  Senate, and the legislation that can be passed.   In a deal brokered by Governor Cuomo, the IDC has agreed to rejoin the Democrats.  The IDC leader will be a kind of Democratic co-leader.  The IDC remains a bloc within the New York State Senate — but with the Democrats for the time being. 

If the IDC’s agreement was intended to prevent the NO IDC organization from running candidates against IDC members in the September Primary, they must be disappointed.  Julie Goldberg was the eighth and final primary candidate running against an IDC member.  The NO IDC organization has been savvy and effective enough to ensure that there was only one primary opponent for each IDC member.

By virtue of his membership in the IDC, David Carlucci was able to be a sponsor and take credit when the Republicans allowed liberal legislation to pass.  Carlucci takes credit for laws requiring drivers to decide whether or not to be organ donors, tax credits for returning veterans, discount drugs for Seniors, a support program for recovering addicts to avoid relapses.  When he freelances, he is less conventional.  Carlucci got national attention on the Daily Show.  The Daily Show wanted to know about his advocacy for New York t a state vegetable.

Teacher and librarian, Julie Goldberg is neither apolitical nor focused on New Jersey.  Her local cultural interests are in New York.  She is a board member and editor for River River — a New York community arts organization.   She is a founding member of the Hungry Hollow Coalition.  This New York community improvement group sponsors fund raising musicals and helps the homeless.  It contests zoning issues and supports candidates.  The Coalition does the candidate supporting bit in New York and does quite a lot of it. Goldberg is a beneficiary of that support.

Julie Goldberg’s https://juliefornysenate.com/ is working to sustain the momentum against Carlucci and the IDC. She is getting endorsements from liberal organizations.  From among reformers among the Hasidic Jews in SD 38, for instance.  She is endorsed Naftali Moster, whose YAFFED organization is focused on improving secular education in Hassidic Yeshivas. He was going to run for SD 38 and withdrew so Goldberg would be the only opposition candidate. The Lower Hudson Valley Progressive Action Network (LHVPAN) has endorsed both Goldberg and Alessandra Biaggi who is on the Westchester side of the Hudson River.  Goldberg needs to expand her base.  She needs resources.  Help her.  Even a little bit goes a long way.